The OFFICIAL If My Candidate (Trump/biden) Loses, I'm Going To...Thread. bruce springsteen Edition

So bruce springsteen says he’s going Down Under in the event of a Trump victory.

Good riddance. Take most of your song catalog with you. Learn the didgeridoo and stop ■■■■■■■ screaming at everyone.

Personally, I think everyone needs to calm the ■■■■ down. Life will go on. We’re Americans and we shouldn’t be at each other’s throats.

So, what will it be?? Sky-screaming?? Change of residence?? Rethink your life and all of your decisions?? Try to get along better with people of opposing viewpoints?? Something else??

Remember we’re all Americans. Be well!


So…when was last time a lib kept their promises?


I’m going to continue the fight for the following election, but first I will shut off my internet and radio connection to a much needed time out on politics.


Well said. Thank you and have a great weekend!

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President himself is playing this game.


I look forward to you calming down and not being at the Biden Administration’s throat.


What are the odds that when the NY AG and Manhattan AG start moving in Trump will hightail it to Russia or Saudi Arabia?

I would be honestly surprised if, assuming the investigations panned out, that things would advance to that state. We have a string of Presidents involved in arguably illegal stuff and there just doesn’t seem to be any accountability beyond the ‘will of the voters’ crap versus actual rule of law.

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Slim. Very slim.

For a fairly good reason, jailing former Presidents is an awfully good way to end up with one that won’t leave the office.

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When is Ted Nugent leaving?

I agree. But we have never had a POTUS whois in the same position as Trump as far as I can remember. It is pretty clear that the AG’s are looking into tax fraud, bank fraud and insurance fraud.
And if Michael Cohen is telling the truth there is a butt load of it. And I would assume that they also might be looking into money laundering. For the last couple of years I have been asking why we don’t hear anything about Allen Weisselberg? Want to bet he has a immunity deal?

He is still being classy as ever.


Never. I have a lib in law who has been saying she is going to leave the country dating all the way back to little Bush getting elected.

Was claiming they had their house up for sale ,in order to leave, when Trump won.

Still here. You couldn’t drag her and her husband out of this country with a team of wild horses. :roll_eyes:

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It honestly wouldn’t surprise me if Biden would pardon Trump on any federal charges that that might come down the pike. I also think the chances of any federal charges extremely unlikely.

Last election cycle, there were several celebrities who, certain of a Hillary win, stated that if Trump won, they were leaving the country, most opting for Canada. Trump won, and they’re still here.
Always reminds me of this scene from an old series “I, Claudius.” (It aired in the 70s, but you can stream it, also on DVD) about the emperor Claudius. In the episode about Caligula, Caligula gets quite sick, is thought to be dying, and one groveling senator says he would give his life if only Caligula recovers. So Caligula recovers, sees the senator and says something like, “I’m here and you’re here and we ought not both be here.”
John Hurt played Caligula and he was creepy good.

Right after these ■■■■■■■■ fulfill a promise that they made on 2016.

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I’ve been waiting for years for those idiots to fulfill their promises to leave.

It will never happen.

They have no courage of their convictions.

Still above ground and walking free!

It seems some Trump supporters’ promises are thinner than a senior’s combover.