The Official 2020 Presidential Election Thread

It;s bad optics, most of the swing states having delayed counts is just bad optics and guaranteed to fuel conspiracy theories, something I believe Trump warned about… Which is no excuse for him throwing gas on the fire. If you are going to do mostly mail in ballots, learn to count them as they come in. Or at least prep them for rapid machine counts.

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Didn’t the GOP sue to keep those states from counting votes early? Forcing them to start counting on election day.

Some states made changes. Some states provided additional funding. And some states were stubborn and didn’t do anything. And the Feds sure didn’t help at all. And then there is the story of Pennsylvania. There was a proposal to change the dates of processing to shorten it up. And the Republicans there shot it down.

GOP beginning the feeding frenzy as Trump family attacks lack of Republican support:

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I wasn’t assigning blame to one party or another. Only saying, the atypical nature of this election is ripe for conspiracy theorists. And could have been avoided.

Same here…Lightnin’ Hopkins style.

I don’t think Pennsylvania wanted to avoid it.

It will be interesting to see who turns against Trump and when. I figure that folks like Tom Cotton who live in safe districts or states will stay and perhaps even run on Trump-like policies. But here is Texas I fully expect Cornyn and Cruz to back off from him quick. Oh, and I thought Nikki Hayley was smarter then that.

How? I have never been able to figure out how you stop a conspiracy theory.

What Trump-like policies do you expect Cruz to back off of? At least on the main issues that interested me I found them very similar on the issues. That’s why my final choice in 2016 was down to Cruz or Trump. Most of Trump’s issues are not unique in the Republican party to Trump.

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By not changing election rules at the last minute. I used the word atypical for a reason.

I’m not sure. But I will throw some stuff out here. I think that both Cruz and Coryn were getting a ear-full from folks at the border who were ready to file lawsuits because they were about to lose much acres of land to build the wall. And I also think that the realization of all of the effects of the trade war with China might be a issue. The whole America First deal has hurt our relationships with a lot of countries and NATO. I think that there are Republicans who would like to see those relationships mended.
And I don’t believe that there is a Republican Congressman or Senator who was happy when Trump flipped them off when it came to oversight.

Ted Cruz* Build a wall instead of massive amnesty plan. (Dec 2015)

Oh no, our allies don’t like America first. Yet, I am sure their policy is their interests first. Just like any sane country.

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Georgia flipped to Biden just a few minutes ago.


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To address your concerns without going off into CT land.

State laws vary on when Election Officials can begin to process mail-in/drop box ballots. Some allow preprocessing (meaning they can do the security screenings which take the most time) prior to election day. Other states they can’t even start until election day. Then you have to have enough personnel (which in many cases includes volunteers - during a pandemic).

“Election workers can’t legally start pre-canvassing mail ballots — opening the envelopes, extracting the ballots, and placing them in a tabulation scanner — until 7 a.m. on Nov. 3. But nothing requires them to begin counting them that day, either.”

However due to staff limitation some places had to make a choice - run Election Day in-person voting OR begin counting mail-in ballots. Really they had not choice, they had to run in-person voting and couldn’t start the mail-in voting until the next day.

Biden encourage mail in voting to protect peoples lives so a large amount of his voters used mail-in ballots. Trump attacked mail-in voting, basically encouraging his people to vote in-person. That is why you are seeing such a high percentage (which are the results now coming in) breaking for Biden.

Hope that helps.

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This is what happens when you have large number of supporters refuse to read or listen to actual news vs right wing Media

For weeks /months states have been saying mail in votes will come later in the count. That many states would take days to report.

Multiple sources pointed out that with Trump supporters in key states going in person and those same states not counting Biden leaning mail in voters until election day, that there would be a red miarge. That it would look like Trump did well and then it would change.

Multiple states pointed out that because they wanted to be extra careful about ensuring no fraud, that mail in ballots would take longer then thought.

So then the election happens and plays out pretty much exactly as predicted for weeks and Trumpers think something is fishy because they WEREN’T PAYING ATTENTION!


Bare Minimum Biden just put some pants on.

Good morning Georgia!!!


So Hillary did not request a recount. Cool.