The Official 2020 Presidential Election Thread

Live streams kick off in 25 minutes. Enjoy this night, folks.


Tonight’s going to be frustrating because we will very likely not know who’s the winner when we go to bed.

I think we will.

With all the mail in voting and the likelihood that the perceived loser will challenge the count, I’m doubtful.

wailing and gnashing of teeth on fox or cnn?

Yuck, I’m just going to keep my eye on FiveThirtyEight.

I was hoping the landslide thread was going to be the official one. Watching pundits now talk about 7% of the vote in one state.

Let the games begin!

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Glad I voted earlier today when I did. There’s people wrapped around the school right now waiting in line. lol

Got every tab I need to monitor, let’s do this

This thread should be entitled “You’re fired!”

Fever Dreams?

The board room

I was here!

I would say we won’t know for at least a week.

Were they social distancing?

Kudos to them no matter who they vote for. :us:


No. :rofl:

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I like their exit polling so far :smiley:

Presidential Electoral Results

0% of Expected Vote ReportingExit Polls »

J. Biden - 198,782 votes

D. Trump - 271,798 votes

Time to drink until I can’t feel feelings anymore.