The Official 2020 Presidential Election Thread

A quarter of a million people sacrificed their lives to get rid of this piece of crud.

I don’t mean to be cavalier about the dead and dying. Just speaking to the pandemic’s effects on Trump’s political life in terms of cold hard math.

What I find interesting is the question of had he conducted himself differently, even on a superficial level, in response to it would enough voters have given him the benefit of the doubt this week.

The challenge was better, added some athletic competition to the nonsense. Love American idol but I am a musician so it’s up my alley. Liked Jersey shore too. I watch serious films and whatnot but I am not above garbage tv

Yet you fail to understand that the pandemic is not Trump’s fault. But go on.

Right on. What do you play?

Guitar, blues lead and rhythm

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Election fraud being perpetrated by fat donald and co.

“Republican officials in Wisconsin sent an email to volunteers on THURSDAY urging them to contact Pennsylvania Trump supporters to get them to turn in their absentee ballots. This as Trump warns about votes coming in POST election day”

Daily Beast, pass.

Impressive. My girlfriend and her son both play guitar as well as piano and the boy plays drums. It’s enviable.

I can do a Sousa march on my armpit, that’s about it.


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Ok so I’m going to ask a question…I will be poo poo’d as a conspiracy kook by libs but …

Who cares.

How is it possible for the President to have good sized leads in multiple States on election night…

For several of those states to have stopped or seemingly slowed their counting of ballots on election night…for several of those same states to still be creeping thru the process 3 days later…and for all of those big leads to have evaporated after big vote dumps all heavily favoring Biden?

There are just too many people saying stuff doesn’t smell right. And it doesn’t.

Every legal ballot should of course be counted…

But there’s something funky going on here kids. And before you lefties all write what I just wrote off as that dumbass rodeo guy spouting off…

Y’all better think about what separates us from the banana republics of the world. Free and Fair elections are at the top of that list…

Before Tuesday I wondered, and people way smarter than me wondered…would lefties milk the system to make sure they “found” the votes they needed.

The answer might well be yes they have…

Personally I hope Trump files as many lawsuits as needed and fights this garbage. The same people who gave us four years of the Russia Collusion lie are now mocking people who believe there’s something pretty underhanded going on here…

So go ahead and mock away but there’s something really wrong happening right before our eyes…and it’s not Trump that’s at stake it’s the country.


There was an unprecedented number of mail in ballots this year. Turned in before the deadline. Many states have regulations that forbid them to start counting them before election night.

It makes sense that they are only being recorded as much as 48-72 hours later.

I mean, seriously, the integrity of the election is being challenged by the standing POTUS - by all means, present the evidence. Not speculation, not wishful thinking. Evidence.


But, but, Antifa!!

“Action News has learned that police got a tip about a group, possibly a family, driving up from Virginia in a Hummer to unleash an attack at the Convention Center where votes are being counted in Philadelphia”

Was hoping against hope for a single remaining state to call it tonight. Looks like that’s not happening. :frowning:

This was explained on multiple networks. In most states they count the same day, in-person ballots first.
And traditionally the majority of Republicans vote on election day. And this is what created what is being called the “red mirage”. Then the states started counting the mail-in ballots which proved to be higher percentages of Democrat votes. And this has repeated from state to state. It was predicted that it would happen and it did.

Trust me, if you heard me play it’s not impressive heh. Only been at it two years and had to pause a year while I repainted all my interior trim and doors, sell that house and build a deck and pergola at the new house. More like, that sounds sort of like music kind of thing right now. But I enjoy it and it forges new neural pathways.

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I don’t get how hard ot is for some folks to not understand this. Same ■■■■ happens every election.

The multiple networks doing the explaining… are they the same ones that blew their credibility completely out of the water peddling Russia Russia Russia?

The evidence is being presented…

That’s why I say file all the lawsuits you need to file.

Just because he’s the sitting president doesn’t mean he has to sit back and put up with lefties just creating the votes needed to defeat him.

And again I ask, how come the trend is the same in all of these states he was winning? How come all of them are coming up with all these Biden ballots in huge chunks? Texas is a big state…we got our ballots counted and we had lots of mail in ballots.

This ■■■■ smells really bad.

I hope I’m doing the same thing learning new languages.

I agree. Present the evidence, Mr. President.