The Obama's personal tennis coach Indicted

Both Michelle Obama and her two daughters personal tennis coach Gordie Ernst was indicted today for his involvement with the college scheme, racketeering, bribery and a host of other things, he was a coach for Georgetown, and the plot thickens!

Oh god.

Is this the new Benghazi?


Good thing it wasn’t the Obamas personal attorney acting on behalf of and committing crimes for the Obamas.


You know what… we can let them have this one.

I for one am glad that the former President’s tennis coach got indicted.

We now need to drag Sasha and Malia In front of congress to explain themselves.

Benghazi? Barry O n Hillary lied and Good men died that day, I don’t see the comparison.

oh no not the Tennis Coach.

Nope, just the dad n mom will be good enough :slight_smile:

should we bring in the personal chef too?

I’m sure that’s privileged communication.

You know…doctors, lawyers, tennis coaches.

I don’t know, did the chef take millions in bribes, racketeering, etc etc?

That is it. Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm I will not vote for Barack Hussein Obama for president!

It all depends on what the chef was cooking at the time. :thinking:

are you suggesting that Obamas bribed him to get their daughters into a school that neither of their daughters attended?

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It’s fun watching most of you protect the very things you complain about, The rich, white elitist privileged in this country, it’s this two faced forked tongued lying hypocrite stuff that’s ruining your credibility, not to mention your party.
Mr. Trumps children’s privileged lives you hate, But, the Hollywood liberal democrat elitist you love?
Like I said, both sides of your faces are showing

Your the one making the claim that the Obama committed fraud not me.
I don’t think the Obamas need to bribe anyone their Dad was the President.

Not very good at the bribing thing then, are they?

nope, not implying that at all,
just curious to how far down the rabbit hole this goes

must be their first time they should got to Trump university and take a class in it.

That does it. Now I’m definitely voting for Romney and Ryan.

Good at it or not, it’s still a felony n one that brings a lot of jail time with it,
I’ve been praying for Justice to come for all these things the Democrats have been shoving down our throats for so long.