The Obama's personal tennis coach Indicted


I’m sure he could have taught them all they need to know.


You would have a point if either of Obama’s daughter attended Georgetown.


Well it’s a felony if they, you know, bribed someone. I have seen no evidence that they did. Have you?


we need to bring back the KGB they could get anyone to confess to a crime.


I’m talking about the coach, I have no idea what the obamas have done when it comes to the college scheme, we’ll se though im guessing


I was talking to @CanadianJudo about the Obama’s not being very good at the bribing thing…since their daughter’s didn’t go the the school the coach is involved with.


Stop talking to this guy. You’re feeding…


With Barry O n the Clintons in charge, America was on that track, thank God for Mr. Trump, TRUMP TRAIN, WOOT WOOT! Got us back on the right track!


my bad, it was posted to me, so maybe you clicked wrong person


No it was posted to CanadianJudo


That does it - I’m not voting for Obama.

Of course, I’ve never voted for him before, and wouldn’t have voted for him anyway.


And were admitted as recruits for the tennis team, at the behest of the tennis coach - even though neither are good enough to play college tennis.


So none of the Obamas kids go to Georgetown but Tiffany Tumo does.

Since her father is so openly and nakedly corrupt it’s almost a guarantee that Donald Trump gave this tennis coach bribes to get Tiffany into Georgetown.

The only thing that might be exonerating is that that they hate each other.


You support Trump.

You call out others as hypocrites.



If occasisional tennis lessons with a now indicted thug constitute guilt by association for Michelle and her daughters what does all of the Obese Donald criminal thug associations constitute?


How does me supporting Mr. Trump make me a hypocrite?


Come on man.


I never said the obamas were guilty of anything, except the coach, good try though


Then why post it?


I am still holding out for the end of season three twist when we find out that Tiffany has been the puppet master the entire time.