The NYT Suggests Biden/Liz Cheney Ticket

They have been bullied when they use it. I probably will be too.

“So you think blacks aren’t smart enough to know they are being exploited?”

Let’s hear it. Then we can discuss why - if blacks are immune to exploitation - there have been lawsuits against companies that exploit blacks in marketing of unhealthy products. Aren’t they smart enough to know they are being exploited?

I don’t doubt that there have been lawsuits - plenty of dumbass lawsuits all the time, we live in a very litigious society. The only that proves is that there is no shortage of people trying to make a buck.

If staffers object to anything, they agree with everything that gets printed? Nah.

So, you have an issue with an article that was published.

I’m hearing a lot of talk about the dems easing biden and harris out (because of being unreelectable) and sliding Broom Hillary in for another attempt.

I used to go out of my way to listen to what she had to say.

What the hell was I thinking?

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Ahhh see. It always appears :rofl:

Biden hasn’t even finished his first year…and leftist media is already writing stories trying to broom his senile ole butt.

It won’t shock me at all is sometime around the disaster democrats are headed for in November 2022 his handlers don’t decide his health just isn’t up to the job


They have a problem though. Harris is so dumb and lazy she may be even less able to run things than brandon.

Sadly this is America’s problem…a group of smartest guy in the room dummies who voted for the guy who was supposed to be “normal” and “civil” and looked past the fact that in 50 years in government his primary talent was peddling influence abd that his age has rendered him unable to handle the job. He campaigned as a moderate and a unifying figure and has governed as hard leftist and a divider. He chose a Vice President bit because she had any qualifications or was even like able but rather because of her gender and skin color…and he represents a party that thinks a 50/50 senate and a tiny majority in the house represents a mandate to remake the country.

Everything is backwards in DC and we are all paying for that incompetence.


He and she are both the disasters you described. Amazing that the “smartest” guys in the room picked them. :roll_eyes:

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Easy to control.

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The only thing that makes sense as to why they picked these 2 unlikeable and incompetent dummies.

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Puppets are so thankful for jobs that they themselves know they don’t deserve, they will kiss the rings of the puppetmasters.


Don’t think that is what they are kissing. :wink: :rofl:

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Unfortunately America is stuck with those two embarrassments (Joe and Kamala) for three more years, unless there are either resignations or an impeachment. The best thing that can happen I guess would be a complete rejection by the voters of this collection of left wing idiots pretending the care about the Democracy (its a Republic) and the Constitution, (they don’t they want power control and authority) … perhaps we can send the message that this authorization left wing garbage is not welcome in America.

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A landslide mid term against them would help a lot.

It would limit the damage the 2 can do.

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