The NYT Suggests Biden/Liz Cheney Ticket

Isn’t that precious…

Now we know why backstabber Liz has been trashing republicans…


Yup and when I first saw the headline , I seriously thought it said Bush/Cheney :grimacing:

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It’s dumber than the articles hyping a Hillary run, but at least those are clickbait trolling than unity fantasizing.


She’s only trashing Republicans who keep lying about the election.

I’ll wager Wyoming washes their hands of this trash.


Dump the first female, woman of color in the Executive for the daughter of a hated opponent.

Too funny.

Come on people, someone is pulling your leg. Wake up.


Oh please, it’s an opinion piece by Thomas Friedman.

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Well stated.

Bolton will be in THAT cabinet.

Im curious…Why is she trash?

genetic…even her father was a Dick.


Same Establishment. lol

Everything from 20 + years ago is being rebooted anyhow. Matrix, Frasier, Will and Grace, may as well bring those two back

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Especially since Biden has no policy alignment with Cheney

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NYT is pulling a fast one. They REALLY mean Harris-Cheney but can’t be so obvious about it. Even diehard progs know that Biden’s brain is toast. Why do they care if he’s not in control? Because the POTATUS must still be sufficiently mentally competent to do the bidding of the puppet masters… whoever they are.

Harris extremely unpopular. No chance

Harris will not be on the ticket in 2024.

Everyone knows that.


You© people won’t push out the black woman. Are you kidding? She wasn’t selected because she was popular, dude. She had to drop out of the primaries because she had so little support. She was selected because she is part black. And that was supposed to hide the fact that you selected an old white man with segregationist tendencies who disparaged black people. :rofl:

You made your bed. Now sleep in it. Kamala will love you© long time.

She’s a goner.

Everyone knows it.

Well except for wishful thinkers such as yourself.


I could go for another war or two. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

That’s they she can’t switch parties that would be the end.

Liz Cheney’s voting record is more conservative than that of an average House Republican