The NYT Suggests Biden/Liz Cheney Ticket

Whether Biden runs again or not, there will be a Democratic Primary in 2024. There is no way she wins a Democratic Primary.

By the way, this is a good thing if Harris gets tossed out. It means the color of one’s skin no longer matters. :wink:


It would be nice to see some rinos change party. It would help the dems moderate.

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Not Brandon. He thinks she’s the POTUS right now. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

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Not unless she takes one for the team. Pushing her out otherwise would destroy Democrats with black voters.

She will win if the puppet masters say she will win. You© people think you are in control HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… :rofl:

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Nah. Black voters aren’t that shallow.


Be my guest, do it and see.

Black voters were never really that into her (or Cory Booker)

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Oh only third lol. And that was before she was the historic first black female vp. Pushing her out will alienate women too by the way.

So blacks trust old white guys more. I guess that’s par for the course … Stockholm syndrome an’ all. That makes sense.

I stand corrected.

The problem with your theory is that there are only two parties to choose from. Most Black people and women who voted for Biden aren’t going to vote for Donald ■■■■■■■ Trump just because Harris, who is wildly unpopular even in her own party, isn’t on the ticket.

It’s an opinion piece. You should direct your comments to Thomas Friedman

Didn’t anyone tell you?? Figures…
NYT only publishes opinions that they agree with.

Otherwise those that permit other opinions are forced to resign or get reassigned.

Your tribe. Not mine. Hope you are proud.

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Might want to check the movement of black and hispanic males toward Trump last time around.

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No higher than third, meaning third was the ceiling in any poll. But hers and Booker’s underwhelming performance highlights that black voters don’t just automatically flock to anyone with melanin.

Remember, Slick Willy was unofficially the first black president, not Obama.

Yep… old white guy… guaranteed to keep em on the plantation.

That’s a helpful comment; I wish more Republican candidates would do the whole “plantation” shtick, I bet it kills :wink:

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Yes, “last time around” when Harris was on the ticket. You’re proving my point for me.