The number of Democrats calling to support Trump was staggering

“I’m a longtime Democrat, born and raised … After watching tonight … I have made up my mind. I am definitely gonna vote for Donald Trump,” said one of the many voters who dialed in.

So many Democrats were calling in to support Trump that C-SPAN changed their call-in description to “Support Trump”, “Support Biden”, and “Support others” instead of using party identification.

Does this show a major change in Trump support?

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Because how do we know random call-in folks are actually Democrats who were supporting the Democratic candidates in the past.

Because they said so?

Yea…totally couldn’t be Republican callers saying they’re Democrats who now support Trump…:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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This is the third time this link has been posted here. Pinning your hopes on the “calls in to that wacky cspan show” demographic = lol.

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I generally support people voting outside their party , it’s good for democracy.

I wonder if there’s statistics on how many are planning to vote outside each party this time around.

Nothing to see here move on . . .

I did not say that.

I gave a possible answer to your question.

If life long Democrats couldn’t be moved to vote for either bush, voted Obama and Clinton and NOW want to vote Trump … I might question their sanity.


This and the number of yard signs should be the key. Plus the ratings of the two conventions which will mirror the vote… oh wait.

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Nope…but if you listen to their choice of words, their voice inflection…you can evaluate their sincerity. I did…and it was real. Many of both sides of the aisle love The Lord and the Democrats shot themselves in the foot over the pledge. That was a big, BIG mistake.


You need to turn off your radio and stop watching YouTube videos from people named after cats.


Didn’t you also evaluate that the number of convention viewers would reflect the ultimate vote count?

:joy::joy::joy: That’s pretty much word for word what Trump said about Putin!

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Sounds legit.

If you want to bring manufacturing back vote for Trump, if you to send manufacturing jobs back to China vote for Biden.

That’s what I see!

Did you notice how the media once again lied and fed their sheople that the DNC had more viewers than the RNC? Just look how many bought into that and regurgibleeted it with an absolute glee. “Smyrna was wrong.” I luv it. How long will real smart people…refuse to understand…they’re being sheoplized?

Trump supporters seem to be grasping as straws here…

Why should they worry? Sleepy Joe has dementia… he stands zero chance against Trump. :joy:

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I noticed how you switched from viewers to fundraising.

Amirite? :sunglasses:


No…you just did…all by your lonesome. My consistent point was the viewers and that’s all I referenced in my post. The article that proved my point, also mentioned fund raising but I didn’t. My point still stands and the RNC had almost 26 million more people watching. That doesn’t mention the content of what they saw either…which was obviously more favorable to the RNC.

Which a good portion of that money goes directly into the Trump family’s pocket.