The new normal for your nit wit president: Sit down, shut up, no questions

So the Biden transition team has a zoom chat for reporters. The reporters have asked the the team to take more questions. The reply from the team? They shut down the zoom chat. You seriously cannot make this crap up. This might even cause their head cheerleader Jim Acosta to dissent. We’ll see how long to takes before reporters revolt. They are either incredibly paranoid or they have something to hide. I don’t expect this lack of access to improve any time soon. Get used to it.

Biden transition team disables Zoom chat for journalists: Reporter | Fox News

I predicted Biden to go full Howard Hughes by March 2021.

Trump will be available and…chatty.


Libs wanted a secret authoritarian government…well they got their wish.

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To those who have never used Zoom before, they disabled the chat function that allows typed questions but allow questions via the raise-hand function, where the moderator unmutes the reporters with hands raised.

I do the opposite when possible in pitches and briefs. It’s so much easier to read a question as I’m talking, think of an answer and deliver a coherent response than it is to immediately respond to a verbal question.

Also, because you get a ton of written questions, you can pick the ones you want to respond to live (ie the easy ones) and do written responses for the rest (ie the tough ones)

Not sure why the Biden team wouldn’t do the same.

They disabled the public chat function which is a free for all text chat. Instead they use the “raise hand” feature where people are called on to ask questions. Not sure the last time there was a press conference where people just called out questions at random throughout the talk rather than being called on individually during the question period.

Crazy authoritarian stuff right there. :face_with_monocle:

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I love the written questions though and actually think they make things easier for the presenter :slight_smile:

This isn’t as nefarious as you would like to believe.


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Someone’s eventually going to smoke gropey joe out of his hole.

It’s just a matter of time.



Oh we got used to it during the Trump administration. Did you ever complain about what they did with their communication? Are you going to complain if the Biden administration has more access with the press then the Trump administration?

This is a joke right??


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He ain’t going nowhere.

Has hell froze over?

You’re gonna hate the next 4 years.

Not to mention the 4-8 after that.

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Probably Dubai to escape prosecution. :wink:

I’d say you have a rich fantasy life, but I know that’s something you’re simply regurgitating from the corrupt media.

Just remember you thought that was a real thing.


That is fine.

Biden isn’t as fit for office as you think he is.


Preemptive reality.

I don’t think he is.

You are correct with this.