The New New New Covid Strain

Australia also caught the chinese infiltrating their legislature. Wonder how many we haven’t found here.


For sure. Stability, order, and hierarchy are paramount. Goes back to Confucius.

They do it much better than the Soviets did. That’s what makes them so disturbing. They actually have their stuff together.

China is going to win, learn mandarin if you are young.

Either that or we mimic China to keep up so no difference. Top down didn’t used to work but tech makes it superior.

OK. But the Communists will also resort to using some utterly chaotic internal force like the Chinese cultural revolution, run by indoctrinated youth, to bring about change and a purging of “the olds”. Once achieved, those things- stability, order, and hierarchy- become paramount. But whether chaos or order is used, it is “control” that they are really after. And “control” is in contrast to “of the people, by the people, for the people”. That’s what I meant by a different view.

Point is, the Chinese system is way more efficient. Has nothing to do with quality of an individual’s life. Looks like to me that individual autonomy is becoming obsolete.

Biden referenced this problem by the way at his taking of office, basically said, let’s see if democracy can succeed but it might not work against china.

7-member Politburos certainly improve efficiency. Makes our congress look like a squabbling gaggle of Karens.

we are toast Think Putin just stated it baldly, democracy can’t compete. Though he is wrong for Russia, no problem beating Russia, they aren’t China.

I share your pessimism.

Our only hope is a grand bargain with Russia in 20-25 years, basically after Putin is gone, to align against the Chinese.

People think I’m crazy but I insist on this.

I agree, Russia is a natural ally against China. Russia isn’t insane. unfortunately, Russia isn’t much.

Yea, the massive land border used to count for something, but I guess new military technologies make that less important.


Dystopia here we come.

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Pretty convenient it is coming out when European countries are protesting lockdowns.


All over the local news this AM. The timing is so suspicious I want to barf.

Good news is that this will be an impossible sell without hospitals literally being overwhelmed.

People are done with the cries of WOLF!


India is.

Crime and Shopping overwhelmed the new variant on local news.

Fine, genius, use your scientific expertise to get out there and prove to the world that it’s bogus.

Thirty cases and lots of wild speculation when the trajectory of the virus strain is to be less destructive to host.

Check back next hour for more breaking news.

how many surgical masks will i need to wear for this one?