The "national emergency" in the context of Constitutional Governance


For the last time, I explained with the details in the post that you deliberately cut out when you responded.

For the last time, if you want to have a conversation with me, you will go back to the part of my post where I explained why a wall does not support the military, and why your example of drig cartels is irrelevant because it’s not the job of the military to stop the cartels.


Nah…im not…i just found it funny


Its right up there


It’s true.


January 8, 2019


I stopped responding to him months ago for that very reason.


What I find to be ironic is how this has all turned out over the years.

Currently Pelosi is holding the house hostage. She is but one of 435 house members, representing what arguably is one of the most radical LW districts in America.

So, rather than a representation of 435 different districts - congress is basically beholden to a single congress woman representing a microcosm of this country.

I fully understand the role of the speaker, but I honestly believe the framers would be aghast at how their original vision has played out over the years.


All DEMs but one. Is it any surprise they would oppose the border wall? But make no mistake, this isn’t really about the border wall at all. It is about Trump.

To a tee they hate Trump. They really; really hate him.


There’s a thing called a discharge petition. A majority of Representatives can bring anything to the floor that they want. Pelosi has power only because it is granted to her by her party members and even a small number of defections would eliminate that power.

The Senate is far worse. The position of Majority leader of the Senate isn’t even mentioned in the Constitution and the mechanism of a discharge petition doesn’t exist.


It’s almost as if the people who live on the border who elect these Dems don’t see this as an emergency…


LOL. she got a majority of votes. Unlike Trump LOL.



Nope its about the add’l fencing trump is requesting.

They really, really hate the idea of wasting money on old technology.



Presiding Judge: Elizabeth D Laporte



A Clinton Judge. LOL




TDS plain and simple.


Trump got a majority of the votes that counted. :+1:


The Senate is worse.


During the shutdown, Mitch McConnell refused to allow funding bills that had a good chance of passing, either with veto-proof majorities of enough majorities so as to be embarrassing to Trump, to come to the floor.

He did that all by himself…unilaterally. He didn’t need to convince anyone…he doesn’t have to…he can just do it.

Pelosi has nowhere near that power, but somehow she’s worse in your eyes than McConnell?


Like Pelosi?


Let’s see- out of the 9 Congress members , 8 of them are Democrats. NO, NOTHING PARTISAN HERE!

As I suggested, why not ask the border agents directy? Why doesn’t the speaker of the house go down to the border herself and talk directly to the agents? We both know why, you’re just to partisan to admit it: because Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer know that the border agents would tell them to build the wall because they work! No way Nancy and Chuckie would EVER be seen on camera being told that by the agents. Their plausible deniability would be shot and their brain dead followers would die of sudden reality shock…