The "national emergency" in the context of Constitutional Governance


You know who spends a lot of time at the border? The 9 Congress members whose district is on the border. Can you guess how many of them want Trump to build a wall?
Zero, zip, zilch, nada…


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You know who spends a lot of time at the border? The 9 Congress members whose district is on the border. Can you guess how many of them want Trump to build a wall?
Zero, zip, zilch, nada…


How about something a little more up to date? This article is 2 years old. OR, we could go back to the Obama years and use the quotes where all the Democrats were in support of a barrier.

Instead, why don’t we refer to what the border patrol agents who actually have the job of protecting the border say we need, and the citizens who actually live along the border want. IOW, Put the will and safety of the people over partisan politics. That’s not too much to ask of our elected officials is it?



10 cools


Lol what…you want congress to decide if he is breaking the law? Thats not their job…lol…

This act has gone on long enough peeks.


It gets tied up and people will forget…nobody will care…new cycles are daily now…what was hot 20 minutes ago is dead 20 minutes later…


Lol. We don’t need no stinkin courts: we have congress.



Its one the dumbest things ive ever read…


You are putting words in my mouth.

Invoking a National Emergency under the National Emergency Act isn’t breaking the law. If congress doesn’t agree they can vote to deny the President’s action. Again, no law is broken.

The courts have no business interfering. It is between the President and Congress.


the federal courts review laws on the books (aka ANY US LAW or STATUTE)

there is no law they cannot review including this one.

That is why called the 3 branches of government. (not 2)



Dumber than some of Trumps tweets…



DEMs are using the courts to legislate from the bench when they can’t get their way. That was never the intention of the founding fathers.


It’s not his argument. It’s historical fact. Read up on the writings of the Founders and you will see your statement here is very much misplaced.


and what were the Republicans doing when they took Obama to court? Hmmmmm.



Obama was attempting to rule by fiat.

Why is that so hard to grasp.

When DEMs can’t get their way legislatively, the President attempts to rule by fiat. When all else fails, they file lawsuits in favorable radical LW courthouses in an attempt to legislate from the bench.

That is exactly what is going on with this latest lawsuit challenging the Trump’s authority to declare a national emergency.


It’s up to the courts to decide if something is unconstitutional. Which I firmly believe this is. Stealing the power of the purse from Congress is not allowed per the Constitution. The courts will likely agree with me as well. And help us all if they do not. Because Pandora’s Box cannot he closed once opened.


Thats is exactly what Trump is doing.

we will just have to agree to disagree on the subject and let the court cases play out.

seeya when there is a TRO issued against Trump.



No. You did not explain what your post had to do with what I wrote.

You wrote: “The military is not a law enforcement agency.” That has nothing to do with what I wrote and you responded to which was:

I suppose these six illegal alien drug cartel members was also staged.

Now, for the last time, what does your post have to do with what I wrote?


Karl Marx popularized the word “capitalism” __ a word unknown to our founders’ __ to attack the free market system our founders created. Why do so many talking heads refer to our system as “capitalism” rather than a free market system which our founders created? Do they despise the word “free’ like Marx did?


What does your post about 6 illegal aliens have to do with the topic at all?


Declaring the emergency is not the issue. Re-appropriating monies that were already appropriated by the Constitutionally determined appropriators is the issue. That is where Trump has run afoul of the Constitution. The courts have EVERY business intervening when one of the other branches attempts to circumvent the Constitution.


This seems to be an admission that it is not an emergency and is instead a political issue involving a campaign promise. Progress!!