The "national emergency" in the context of Constitutional Governance


The house hostage…lol…ok


Why not also ask them if they need a 50% raise? I’m more inclined to listen to experts who can back up their opinions with data.


The border agents do not think we need a sea to sea border wall.

When you dig into their answers, you find they want what we’ve been building towards all along…barriers in strategic locations.


Well of course you are. We can’t expect the guys doing the job to be expert than those Washington Bureaucrats now can we? Especially the ones that have never been to the border. In Pelosi we trust…


It’s also almost 20 years old and was written about a president using war powers without Congressional authorization not misusing public funds for a stupid wall.

And you left out the last sentence.

The President should be reminded that the Founders speak with a single voice on the lack of constitutional authority for him to start a war.

The sentence can also refer to the President’s lack of constitutional authority to use public funds without Congressional approval just as he has no right to declare a war.


You were presented with facts – all those who left the Trump admin. Nothing to dispute.


Tell that to peek. He used the word first.


If it’s not a national emergency they do. And this fake emergency is not.


Sounds like Nancy relies on the House members that are in those districts and those district members rely on their constituents. Constituents being the people that LIVE there… Apparently those people dont want Trump’s wall. Do those residents have an opposing view to your border agents?

The border agents I know, want more money for agents and technology at the ports of entry.


Actually, Bugs Bunny used it first. :crazy_face:


I think this has been made clear. Putting barriers up where they are practical, not impossible. But the agents in the field know where they are needed.


Perhaps that’s more of a demonstration of the impossibility of originalism.


Total crap. The congressman are partisans more concerned with serving Pelosi than the public. Don’t misunderstand and think I am only accusing Democrats of partisan politics. Anymore that’s all we get out of DC from both sides, admit it…

If the majority of agents and the people who lived on the border did not want the wall, Nancy Pelosi would be down there holding news conferences and interviewing them on camera just to rub it in Trump’s face. THAT would stop Trump and cost him the 2020 election. She knows very well the wall is exactly what us wanted and needed and Trump will win in 2020 if he gets it built. THAT is why almost 100% of Democrats in Congress are not supporting it, even when most did when Obama was in office.


Well, that depends.

There are flavors of originalism.

Textualism seeks to have the Constitution and laws read as plain English. Their meaning is determined by the words.

Intentionalism, on the other hand, seeks to have the Constitution and laws interpreted as the aurhors intended.

I disagree on a philosophical level with textualism, but I respect it as a real position. Intentionalism is nonsense.

Scalia was a textualist. Thomas is an intentionalist.


There is already hundreds of miles of fencing and vehicle barriers along the southern border.


The particular viewpoint that my suggestion comes from suggests that both textualism and originalism are ontologically impossible.


You don’t seem to realize, as you’re apparently an addict / victim of right-wing opinion media, that the Trump “wall” is nothing more than a stupid campaign promise, and not an actual well thought out, well vetted idea, much less a plan.

The bolded is factually incorrect, and you don’t know it because you listen to the right-wing liars, and believe. Dig in to the facts, and you’ll learn something: there was never support for Trump’s The Wall - only for strategically placed barriers, as have been funded by Congress, and implemented. Allow me to suggest that you’ll be more comfortable dealing in facts and reality.


Exactly. Pelosi got the majority of House votes and become speaker

She’s not 1/435. She’s 1/1.

That’s why she was standing above the president during the SOTU.



No. You did not explain what your post had to do with what I wrote.

You wrote: “The military is not a law enforcement agency.” That has nothing to do with what I wrote and you responded to which was:

I suppose these six illegal alien drug cartel members was also staged.


Karl Marx popularized the word “capitalism” __ a word unknown to our founders’ __ to attack the free market system our founders created. Why do so many talking heads refer to our system as “capitalism” rather than a free market system which our founders created? Do they despise the word “free’ like Marx did?


Which is by and large what has been going on since at least 2006.