The National Divorce

There hasn’t been a murder in my neighborhood for 76 years. What’s your point?

Not true. But it is pretty safe.


California also needs energy ‘imported’ from states like Texas and Louisiana.

Their whole economy would grind to a halt if they spilt from the union.

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Not to mention their water rights would then be negotiated with a separate entity more than likely.


Hear! Hear!

Nonsense. They’d simply continue importing energy. :roll_eyes:

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neighborhood? how many people live in your neighborhood?

like 10?


Absolutely. If we import from other countries, California can import from Texas. California should do it, just to show red states it’s red states who need them. I would support them.

Okay. So long as we agree this “economy will grind to a halt” nonsense, is nonsense.

I am always amused by the notion that any group of states are dependent on California, red or otherwise. Other than the port at Long Beach, there is nothing there that cannot, after some period of adjustment, be acquired elsewhere.
The vaunted California economic advantage is a smokescreen for a long term decline. The agriculture sector is being increasingly regulated out of business. Without the remaining restraints on their regulatory activity from their continued membership in the union of captive states they will be free to eliminate all remaining obstacles to whatever fool notions their legislators dream up.

I said it before, and I’ll say it again.

Discussions like this wouldn’t even need to happen if we had kept the government inside the box it’s supposed to be.

But both sides like to ignore the constitution and impose their values on everyone from the federal level.

-want government healthcare? Implement it at the state level. Don’t live in a state that supports it, move…

-want to outright ban gay marriage? Pass it at the state level or move.

-want mega schools with political agendas in the curriculum, or the banning of that? You got it…… State level or move.


That’s so cute. That document has been held in abeyance since before the ink was dry. What is in actual effect is that whatever the last guy got away with can be built on by the next guy.

“But whether the Constitution really be one thing, or another, this much is certain—that it has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it. In either case, it is unfit to exist” Lysander Spooner


You still have no point, huh.

Funny though … you’re the one who has been arguing that the population doesn’t matter because the statistics are per capita. Go figure. :wink:

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It would also spell doom for the country. A plane needs both the left and right wings to fly and I don’t trust either side enough to give them a mandate like that. For instance I wasn’t a huge fan of Obama but I felt he was a better bet than another Bush taking over as the country was war weary.


Yeah, after getting a trade deal in place to buy oil.

That’s going to take awhile to set up, with the US dissolving and all. Before you can do that, you will need to create this stuff called ‘currency’ to buy it, since with the US no longer there, there will be no dollar for you to buy it with.

Face it, you need the red states as much as the red states need you oh pompous one.

Do you imagine divorce being delared on a Monday, and it will be done by Wednesday?

Because that’s not how it would go. It would be a process that took 5 years, maybe a decade. That’s plenty of time to work out trade.

We are not 50 countries. We are 50 states united.

The Supremacy Clause is still in effect.

Yes. For things listed IN the constitution specifically.

For everything else it’s supposed to be 50 separate methods.


Yeah…well, let Texas secede and keep the military they now have. Fund it themselves. Problem solved.

While we are at it, let NY and Cal. leave too.

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