The Mainstream Media

Do you think that the mainstream media such as ABC, NBC, CBS, and the majority of famous newspapers and magazines are Liberal Democrats, and are biased towards most things Conservative wise?

Do you think that most of the media is biased towards Republican Presidents and treat them a lot different than most Democrat ones? If so, how so?

Nobody actually likes conservatives

I do, but than again I am one.

Does this mean you don’t like me?
I’m a Conservative. I like you.

Fox News ways brags about being the most watched, but they aren’t mainstream lol

Sean and Rush brag about being on 600 radio stations and have over 20 million listeners each, but they aren’t mainstream.

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Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know whatcha ganna get!

I’m sorry, but you failed to even come close to answer my question.

Mainstream Media exist for Republican they control pretty much all the local TV network and AM radio and have the most watched cabal news network.

Did you mean to say Exists for Republicans?

Canadian? I don’t care what anyone else says Judo. If you think that you’re an American, even if you live in Canada, I think that you should have every right to tell Americans how to run our country. Don’t you agree? lmao.

After all…………We don’t want to be proud of being Americans or anything.
That might offend someone, and then we’d have to talk about our feelings. lol.

It’s hard to take liberal media bias talk seriously when Sean is literally on the campaign stage for Trump repeating his slogans. They want it both ways , for Fox to be state tv and to complain that other networks are too biased.

  1. No
  2. No

Welcome back aces!

I think that questions about the bias of the mainstream media tend to be overplayed by extremists who are confused that they are considered to be extremist.

It might shock the person who started this thread out of his flip flops to realize that there are liberal extremists who think that the mainstream media is far too conservative.

I really don’t care if you take my post serious or not.

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How can you support Trump and call yourself a conservative?

Are you projecting again Nebraska?

You constantly seem to have to prove to me that you’re a Conservative, and I am not.
Why is that? You sure do seem to give a lot of likes, and are liked a lot by most of the Democrats on here. Oops! You left a trail for people to see.

Is that the reason that you set your profile to private? haha!
You don’t want people to see the truth and where your ideology really lies!! lol.

You can hide from most, but ya can’t hide from me! lol.

Because not all, but a lot of what he does is very Conservative.

There’s that and he’s not politically correct, and people were sick and tired of tippytoeing on shells just because the Democrats are Extremely leftwing Socialists

I have never met a Trump supporter who was conservative. I don’t know what they were, but it definitely wasn’t conservative.

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Well, here I am. I have some views on moderate things, but overall, definitely Conservative

Do I no have a right to support Trump and be a Conservative?

I don’t know if you have that right. Consult an attorney.

Well, I guess with the double standard in today’s society of liberal logic,
Democrats have the right to do anything and everything, and Conservatives and Republicans don’t have any rights at all. lol.

Democrats don’t believe in freedom of speech, or the Constitution of the United States of America. They simply wish to rewrite their own laws.