The Mainstream Media

I don’t know if they do or not. An attorney will gladly answer those questions for you.



uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum what?

You do realize that Fox can only be seen if a person pays for cable or satellite television right?

Liberal ABC, CBS, and NBC are channels that everyone in America gets for free. lol.

Did you get my message? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yes. You were banned by the moderators here, because of how vulgar it was.

Ive always liked you. Ive missed you. Where have you been? Oh wait! We both know dont we? Hee hee. “If I leave here tomorrow, will you still remember me?” At my gym we watch FOX on the Screens. Some woman said to me “ Hey Dude could you change to Msnbc and I said “Its time to listen to some real news Doll” and she so didn’t lauagh. Tolf!

Do you think that most of the media is biased towards Republican Presidents and treat them a lot different than most Democrat ones? If so, how so?

I’m guessing you’re not going to answer my original posted questions then?

No, it’s perceived that most are liberal because the CEC pounds their fists every day claiming that.

Conservatism is almost dead.

Again, no. The CEC has done a masterful job of taking non-stories and making them stories. Thus, they claim a bias because the “main stream media” doesn’t report on x, when in fact stories like Pizzagate don’t warrant air time.

Cortez, Sanders (Socialists are in office), Abortion is legal, religion is being attacked from Democrats, Freedom of Speech is being attacked by Democrats, the Amendments of the United States of America are being attacked by Socialist Left Wing Democrats, Democrats are saying that ICE should be dismantled, SNL attacks the honor of a Veteran.

I’d say that Conservatism is definitely in danger.

You should try watching Fox News sometimes. I realize that they’re far from perfect, and have their own issues, but at least they’re intellectually stimulating of the mind, and encourage free speech, and free thought. Unlike the mainstream Liberal Corrupt media.

I did enjoy the fact that Fox News, I think maybe on Hannity the other day or so, showed George Bush getting mad at a News anchor, maybe tom brokaw, because he was being rude to him, and disrespecting him. Bush Sr., doesn’t seem like the type of guy that gets mad that often. The liberal media loves to disrespect Republican presidents, but once they’re not longer a threat and out of office, they praise them. Why is that?

I will not watch Fox News. Ever.

On the same day that the Mueller report on Flynn came out, Fox News was still talking about the caravan. Fox didn’t even acknowledge it.

Conservatism is almost dead. Not because of this perceived “attack” by the MSM, but because no member of the CEC is a conservative. All Trump Republicans. Deficits don’t matter, Increased spending, no morals.

Conservatism is dying mainly because of the Liberals pulling this country over the years further and further to the left. But also because the so called Conservatives that are actually Moderate Republicans(who are future Democrats if not already, pretty much just complete sell outs like John McCain, thumbs down) are politically correct and too afraid to take a stand against the Democrats, and be labelled an ist of any kind.

The problem is, that they’re damed if they do, and damed if they don’t, because no matter what they do, some of the key playbook moves that the Democrats have are labeling Republicans racists, sexists, or any other kind of things of such nature, simply to just enrage their base, and for their activists to act on hate.

I watch NBC, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, but very rarily. I do so though, to not be completely biased like you’re as a Democrat, by not wanting to watch Fox News. I also do so to try and keep an open mind, and in hopes that maybe, just maybe some of these stations may start being more honest again, and stop with their constant lies. But I doubt that will happen, because their willful ignorance and hatred for Trump will never stop, and will blind them, and continue to blind them, just like it has.

Ha nice Freudian slip

By your definition, who is a conservative?

Which news program do you watch on ABC, if I may ask?