The Left Saying Capitalism Failed

The Leftists saying Capitalism failed is just using a crisis to further their insane Socialist utopian fantasy that would impoverish the country more than any recession or depression ever could.

Never let a crisis go to waste, huh?

Soon their message for the recession we artificially created the last few weeks will turn to Socialism will make everything wonderful, everyone will have free healthcare, university, childcare, etc., free, free, free…

But it will only cost you everything! (Freedom is overrated, along with home ownership, property, inheritance, & all that capitalist stuff) You don’t need to inherit anything from your parents after all if the state takes care of your every need, huh?

Take the wealth away from the rich, they have too much (whatever that means) & redistribute it…

OK…START with the left in Congress, Hollywood, & the leftist owned companies. Do them first & let’s see how that works, after all, lead by example!

Take everything they have except say a million dollars, Algore’s $300 million, private jet, multiple mansions, etc., Pelosi’s $100 Million, private jet, mansions, businesses, etc., John Kerry’s $Billion dollars, & all the billions of the leftists in the entertainment industry, including musicians, actors, & their employers, Silicon valley, all the $Billionaire Universities, etc. Them all FIRST, see how that goes, then when they change their minds as to the wisdom of that, go back to common sense.

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