The end of US style capitalism

the whole idea of american style free market capitalism is coming to an end
american companies have always begged for less regulation. lower taxes. more freedom etc… the rich get richer while the poor suffer more and more.

yet for the second time in 10 years when the ■■■■ hits the fan the corporations start begging for bailouts.

I think the pandemic has put an end to that. we are going to start seeing much higher taxes on the wealthy. much more regulation.

i wouldnt mind seeing the ulta wealthy losing the majority of their wealth to taxes. we tried it their way and it failed.
Universal healthcare. guaranteed basic income… its coming

i wouldnt mind seeing wealth taxes imposed on those with more than a few billion in assets.


I wouldn’t mind seeing it imposed on you.


Yep. The rich get a disproportionate share of government resources while working really hard to convince enough voters that they are paying for everybody. That is how stuff like this happens.

According to the report, a real estate investment trust (REIT) Ashford Hospitality Trust (AHT) and several of its subsidiaries received approximately $30 million in PPP funds through 42 separate loans–more than ten times the average amount. At the same time, Monty Bennett , the company’s founder and chairman, paid himself and his father millions.

They paid themselves dividends while laying a bunch of people off and stopped payment on their debt.


as more and more of this comes out more and more americans are going to say enough is enough.
maybe its time to seize their property and turn it into homeless shelters. I wonder how many homeless could be housed in their mansions?

This is absolutely repugnant.

What failed?

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I’m not really concerned with what the wealthy are doing, they can stay rich.

But it’s unacceptable that safety nets in the US did not have the capacity to deal with this pandemic. That should never be the case.

Reserve parachutes can hold your full weight, airplanes have oxygen bags for every seat, and lifeboats have enough capacity to carry everyone on board–but our social safety nets failed before they had to catch anyone. These services should be able to meet the needs of the population. They should not be the first pillar of our society to buckle and bend under stress.

Americans should demand change. It will cost money, but this isn’t an optional expense. We got lucky that corona was so mild.

Agreed. The nation is in a sad state of affairs right now - and not just from the coronavirus.

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Panic, desperation, fear can do weird things to people. But mostly it exposes who they truly are. How people act, or react in a time of crisis can be very revealing.


the real question is will america itself survive under its current system.
im beginning to have real doubts

in the past 20 years we have seen athat 40% of the time the president hasnt even won a plurality of votes
in state after state due to gerrymandering the majority has little say in the state house
despite huge majorities being in favor of one type of law or another congress ignores it due to congressmen being entrenched in their seats and hard to remove
the middle class keeps heading backwards

how much longer can this last? I just hope that when the revolution comes it isnt violent. And its coming

We’ve become a third world country with nuclear weapons. A lot like the USSR except calling ourselves “capitalist” instead of “communist”

We lower taxes in the good times, and then corporations loot the treasury in the “collapse of a lifetime” that happens every ten years.


maybe its time for any company that needs a bailout to have a couple of conditions imposed on it

1)the government gets a 33% stake in the company
2) the current top executives forfeit all pay and stock awards they have received for the past 5 years
3) the ceo if fired with no severance and no deferred payment. they are also banned from running any public company for 5 years


Psst, todays Russia is not a communist country. But it’s no surprise liberals wish to use this pandemic to turn us into one. And the OP can shelve his fantasy of confiscating the homes and other property of the rich, see the US constitution for why.


No its not. I realize LIBs are looking to socialism as an answer to their dreams, but Bernie’s quick exit shows that America isn’t ready to abandon what made it great.

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How about not bailing them out in the first place?

Actually that isn’t remotely true. I realize that America isn’t the socialist utopia you seem to long for, but thank God for that. :wink:

Yep! But I bet we are once again on opposing sides here. Hard to believe you still see yourself as a conservative. :confused:


Socialism! Venezuela!

Rah! Rah! :rofl:

We are still the only superpower. But your comments are very revealing about how LIBs see America and its role in the world.


I wonder how many could in yours.