The Left needs to face reality: Trump is winning

This guy gets it. What the left doesn’t understand is that they have lied, twisted and distorted the facts, feigned outrage so much over the past couple of years that 2/3 of the country doesn’t even take them seriously anymore. Don’t get me wrong, there is a portion of the right who did the same thing when Obama was in office, but the difference is that the rest of the right called them on it. There is practically nobody on the left that is willing to do that, and the few that do are practically destroyed by their peers for breaking lock step.

Two-Thirds? Yes I know, I originally wrote 2/3. Yes, that number used to be over 1/2. That’s how far your support has fallen since the election. Feel free to argue, but remember that we don’t take you seriously. Feel free to post sources that contradict what Mr. Goodwin and I have said, but remember that we don’t trust your sources. That’s how low your credibility is now.

Just wait until November. The conservative gains are going to be HUGE.


The left needs to “face reality”.

Based on my observations, Trump himself has had only a fleeting relationship with “reality” most of his adult life.



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Well history has shown narcissistic maniacal tyrants do have their winning streaks.

fail. you can’t compare this abomination to any American prez, much less Obama.

This guy gets paid to write this same basic op ed over and over. Because cons will Post it all over the place, like here for example. There’s really nothing enlightening here at all. Liberal Tears LOL Inc. Yawn.


Left needs to face the realty that enough of voting Americans are either apathetic or enthusiastically on board with Donald’s idiocy.

To whit: we are screwed for the foreseeable future.


People keep saying “this isn’t who America is”… um yes it is. Trump’s approval ratings now are that of a standard American president, and keep getting better. Turns out we are a childish narcissist psychotic nation.

And trump’s approval in his own party numbers exceed any president since Truman, save Bush 43 right after nine eleven. it’s definitely time for republicans to accept their party is gone. Trump ate it along with his bucket of greasy ass chicken.

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We deserve every minute of this.


This is quite possibly the funniest thing I have read since being on this site lo these many years.


I guess the generic congressional ballot favors Republicans by 6-8 points then.


That Trump is winning does not equal the country being on the right track.

It simply means our country’s baser instincts are winning…more’s the pity.

A Trump bootlicker telling others they have to “face reality”. Priceless.

The article is up to date a right on focus. We tolerate the knee jerk responses here much to the credit and strength of character of our host.

President Trump will be as popular as any President has ever been after his second term. Lots more work to do before then.

President Trump looked especially healthy and energized this past week. Another failed prediction from the loudmouth globalists.

this seems to have value only as a troll post.


He wins at golf because he cheats. What else has he won?

There was a post on another thread ehere Mr Abracadab played the morality card. Priceless!

I guarantee if only pro Trump posts were allowed here the traffic to this site would not justify the cost of its upkeep. As messageboards go this one is no longer one of the giants.

I cannot understand why anyone would want to visit an echo chamber? Part of the enjoyment of coming here is being exposed to differing points of view.

ANyone who does not want to have their own world viewpoints questioned are choosing ignorance. Interestingly enough I find those on the far left are like that as are racists, bigots and xenophobes On the right.

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To the OP:

Please list all of the conservative candidates who are running in the fall. True conservative candidates, not Trump worshipping Republicans.

Who on the right called out those on the right who twisted and lied about the facts when Obama was President? It sure as hell didn’t happen on this forum.