The lazy man's guide to racism

Ok libs. The only people you are fooling is other libs. Normal people don’t buy your racial hogwash anymore. So what happens when you are desperate to find wide spread racism but the people who you accuse refuse to provide it? You make it up. You call it “systemic racism.” Why? Because with systemic racism you don’t need names, you don’t need examples all you need is to declare that everyone is racist and viola, it’s done. You get the media to sign on and there you have it. The lazy man’s guide to racism. No work or research needed. Just a declaration. You do everything to convince people who can barely read, cannot solve a basic equation, live in high crime areas and have dropped out of school that the only reason they are not earning $100k is because white people won’t let them. Just pronounce everyone guilty. Then set up indoctrination classes where we belittle people and convict everyone for the crime of not being a preferred color.

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You got one thing right. This sure is lazy.


That’s nice.
Have you read any of the many articles on the subject?
Have you looked at any of the polls?

I guess. I should have asked for details. So I will. How is your company systemically racist and what should they do to fix it. And what fixing to you need?

BTW. Sorry that I triggered you into an unprovoked insult. :grin:

Is this a quiz? :grin:

Since you are an obvious expert. I will also ask you.

How is your company systemically racist and what should they do to fix it. And what fixing to you need?

I am a retired president of a electronics corporation. So I guess I don’t understand your question.
However I will offer that our customers were world-wide. And yes I did have employees who expressed racial opinions. And that was fine as long as it didn’t affect their interaction with other employees or our customers or vendors.

You don’t think your entire post was provoking?

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I work for a NGO this is pretty hippy dippy. My critique of management would be that hiring of people of color at leadership positions is lacking.

What fixing do I need? I need to educate myself. And I need to stand up more for the rights of the disenfranchised.


Who cares what color they are if they are the best qualified for the job?

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Educate yourself on what exactly? Who exactly are the “disenfranchised” and exactly how are their rights being violated?

Here’s what I can say as someone who has worked in education and in STEM related fields and has family and friends in STEM related fields involved in hiring. Companies around my parts absolutely would love to get more black applicants for these STEM positions, which typically pay very well. The problem is that even in the mid/north Jersey area you get very few black Americans who pursue these professions.

What specifically would you do to fix the systemic racism at your company? What an individual says is not systemic. It’s his own opinion.

Are you not part of the systemic racism problem in America? If not, what makes you exempt?

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Is that systemic racism? We’re all guilty you know.

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Are they getting qualified applicants?

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The reply would be that they are not qualified due to systemic racism and Po-leece brutality. That’s they dance they like to do. When you can’t blame anybody, blame everybody (except themselves of course).


So there were racists in your company who hired the management, and they would only allow whites to advance to those management positions?
I agree then that you should have fired those people who would not hire people because of their race.
Why didn’t your company do that?
It wasn’t the system, it was those racists who did the hiring of management.
There are already laws against that sort of discrimination. The government has done what it can do.
I hope you reported those people to the EEOC.

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This is a major component of the problem.

I was at a meeting of a high-tech company where it was suggested we hire more minorities. All fine and good, but just about every company out there is saying this, but the minority candidates for the positions simply aren’t out there.

You don’t create a qualified candidate simply by wishing for it.

The problem goes all the way back to what is coming out of the education system.

I made this suggestion: Don’t look at the end of the pipeline. Look at the beginning. For example, far too many minority kids right now do not have the hardware and internet access to do distance learning (even at the elementary school level) while their schools are doing online classes due to covid concerns. High tech companies should be stepping up to supply the infrastructure for these kids to stay in the pipeline, rather than just saying they’ll hire the trickle of minorities that manage to survive in the flow.

Minorities are … in the minority in the first place. When the dropout rate for minorities is disproportionately high for that demographic, the pool of qualified candidates is going to be tremendously weak. And that’s not just in the STEM arena. Legal field, medical, management, political, even skilled trades … Of course they’re going to be under-represented.

That doesn’t make a company with low numbers of minorities in management “systemically racist”. It just makes them an example of reality.

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To the latest lib narrative, that’s exactly it.

There’s your problem. You are required by the moral imperative to ignore that part.

“Qualified” is racist.