The Last of Us HBO Show

As a massive fan of both Part 1 and Part 2 on PlayStation I have been eagerly awaiting to HBO’s adaptation and wow did they deliver. I am not going to give any spoilers but if you do not want anything spoiled just go and watch the show and then read this.

Fans of the game will be happy with the story and some easter eggs to find and non gamers will not feel bewildered.

TLOU has a very human story at its apocalyptic core. Its not zombies but a fungal virus that causes the collapse of the world.

Episode 1 shows both the fall of civilization and then the aftermath. A dirty grimy military dictatorship located in the Boston Quarantine Zone. Human civilization is not eradicated but scratching out a living in a small number of quarantine zones dotted around the US.

Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey play their roles brilliantly and Ramsey in particular plays a teenage girl who is not annoying or talks like an adult wrote the dialogue as how they imagine children talk. Her plethora of F bombs are in all the right places and her timing is perfect. Pedro Pascal plays everyman Joel perfectly. He is not an action hero nor is he a super soldier just a dad trying to survive.

The supporting cast is equally impressive and they all have this feel of despair and resignation to a truly squalid existence.

Craig Mazin who wrote and directed Chernobyl once again delivers a quality show that in a much over saturated genre does some fresh, new and exciting.

Go watch it now and if you dont have HBO go subscribe now and watch it.

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I will second this post, with emphasis on the performances. This is definitely the type of T.V. HBO has come to be known for.

Season 8 of GoT nothwithstanding.

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I was extremely surprised just how good it was.

It captured the game perfectly.

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It sounds good.

I think I watched a youtube playthrough a long time ago.

Great game. Some of the mechanics are showing their age but its on PC now so I really recommend picking it up next time its on sale. Well worth a playthrough.

Would it effect my enjoyment of watching the show if I played the game? I don’t like spoilers in general.

Maybe to some degree because in Season 1 they are going to be covering the story arc from the first game. Though I loved the show and I have completed the first game.

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I started watching. I am a little disappointed I have to wait 5 days for the next episode. It’s a good show so far.



Typically, I like to wait for episodes to pile up then binge. For example, I just finished House of the Dragon.

But I just couldn’t wait for Last of Us.

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I prefer to binge watch too.

HBO does tend to dole out its shows on a weekly format. I have seen Amazon Prime do this with their higher quality output and Apple TV does it with pretty much everything though Apple TV has a ton of quality shows.

It is Netflix that is the king of dropping shows all at once and a lot of their output these days is dross.


And now they are going to ■■■■ around and find out when they start charging for those extra profiles.

good show so far

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how does this girl have the lottery ticket that billions dont?

that is my question.

i guess soon to be answered in upcoming episodes.


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Genetic mutation.

Ashley Johnson was probably exposed to some nasty stuff during Vox Machina’s first campaign and as her mother it changed Ellie’s genes so she resistant to the fungal infection.


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I believe that it’s called “plot armor”.

Or in this case, “plot immunity”.

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It was OK up to episode 3.

Some decent tension and suspense. Fast moldy zombies…little different. Interesting.

Got to episode 3 and the pace slowed to a crawl and the woke ■■■■■■■■ showed up so I am done with it.

Walking Dead was good for a lot of years. This one started off as a Discount version of WD with some good effects but not much originality…then ran into a woke brick wall.

Everyone died…the end.

Preppers are woke? Who knew?

good episode. knew that cons would not appreciate that episode.

the guy had enough guns….

and he set intruders on fire….

guess that wasnt enough blood and gore.


I guessed episode 3 would not to be everyones liking but it was a great narrative and really expanded upon the original Bill and Frank characters in the game.

It fit perfectly into the overarching story and the eventual outcome is a major factor in Joel realizing he may actually have a greater purpose than just day to day surviving. Without the context of Bill and Franks back story that would have not had the same impact with the audience. Its nuanced for sure but definitely is a message of hope and that life, love, relationships will find a way to endure.

So far I am enjoying this more than TWD but my opinion of TWD was jaded by the idiotic mistakes made by Rick and his idiotic family in the early seasons. Then we got into the regular season formula of the group face a new enemy, group gets separated, group spends rest of the season finding their way back together.

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