The last health care question anyone needs to ask

No, it’s not. I thought you were suggesting that it paid for more stuff than it does, my mistake.

Are you kidding? They get nearly $140,000 per year for the rest of their life is they have served five years in Congress?

Unions, government workers, Congressmen and private workers should all be paid the same for different work? No.
If you can find an employer that will make payments into your insurance plan as part of your compensation, then fine. If you can find an employer who will pay you a salary of $175,000 a year, as Congresspersons get, then take that job.
Its the same thing.

He is feeding you false information. For a new Congressperson, they will be under the FERS program. It would take 66 years of service for them to reach the 80% of salary level.

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And for any in office more than 66 years, the pension is statutorily capped at 80% of salary - not that I would expect that to ever be a factor.

So your saying ANYONE that makes well north of 100k a year will only pay 28% of the premium?

It’s true for anyone whose employer subsidizes the remainder of the premium as part of their overall compensation package.

I get a pension and 401k. What’s the problem?

If you have health insurance through your job, as the vast majority of the insured do, your employer pays a significant share of your health insurance premiums.

But congress doesn’t have it’s own health insurance . . . apparently congress critters MUST use the same thing people without health insurance thorugh work use. Yet they get a significant discount over what joe public gets.

So why doesn’t congress ~IF~ they have to use the exchange as is claimed – have to follow the same income guidlines on wha tthey have to pay?

Do with single payer as they did with marijuana pass it at the state level, if it rocks other states will follow. It’s not going to happen anytime soon at the National level but states could do it now from what I have read.

Libertarian memes are so blasé.


A lot of libertarians are like that. See the previous picture you posted.

My reply was the opposite of edgy.

I have a nephew who isn’t any where near glad to have it.

He had decent insurance before but when Obamacare came out the employer canceled his insurance which left him having to buy Obamacare for 1300 a month instead of the 400 he paid before.

6000 dollar deductable vs a small deductable before. Yeah he is real “grateful” for Obamacare. :roll_eyes:

What income guidelines? They’re employer contributes towards their health insurance much like other employers do.

At the same price? The government pays for their insurance as part of their salary. Would you also expect to get paid their salary?
Run for Congress and win.

Do you have any quotes?

Why not offer the same plan to everyone? Why try to come up with an inferior plan for everyone else?

Fine…if their employers want to do that there is nothing stopping them.