The internet killed journalism

A somewhat long but interesting article on the power of the reader in the internet age. In the past, advertising dollars funded the big news outlets and journalistic integrity was a real thing.

Coupla quotes;
Then, as ad money abandoned the print media at the beginning of this century, journalists were suddenly left face-to-face with readers, with no time to adjust. As readers began calling the shots in ways that advertisers never did, these standards—especially objectivity and the restrictions on conflicts of interest—have fallen out of favor.

And this one;

The media industry still hasn’t fully reflected on how the rapid switch from ad revenue to reader revenue dramatically changed journalism. And not only has this seismic shift in the business model coincided with a sharp decline in the business, but it’s also gone unnoticed by many people inside the industry and critics on the outside.

Everyone’s links are biased? The hell you say! :rofl:


LOL. Read the article. Ten minutes.

Still waiting for it to say something I don’t already know. :wink:


They tie it all up in a nice little package. I thought it was pretty interesting.

The ‘journalists’ pretty much killed journalism on their own. Especially those who are now nothing more than arms for the dems.


They used to be controlled by their advertising masters, now by the bias of people in search of links to validate their preconceptions.

This article feels like an old Hannity thread. lol


I do like this part being pointed out:

However, the audience doesn’t actually need them at all. :wink:


Yes the subject comes up often around here.

I’m done reading now. Trump ruined the media. lol


And THAT is what influences them to pander.

The only thing that can save their bottom line now is another Trump presidency. :rofl:

He gave both sides a unique opportunity to provide red meat to their readers like nothing that had come before.

Some real belated dog bites man news there.


Brought out their true nature for everyone else to see - at the whim of money. :wink:


Journalistic integrity was always forced on them back in the days when it actually existed. But it did exist.

I don’t believe that either. They were always dictated on what to report, what to oppose, etc., by those who provide their revenue.


A lot of advertisers were hands off. All they cared about was circulation numbers.

No telling how many important stories were buried as a result.

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The sensational ones were printed, you can bet on that.