The importance of the pledge of allegiance

The president appears to suddenly be very concerned about the pledge of allegiance… at city council meetings…

Nobody is stopping anybody from reciting the pledge. If an individual wants to say the pledge get to the meeting a minute early and do it yourself.


Tell him it was written by a Socialist and he will want it banned in all 50 States.

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nobody’s getting hurt by it either

if an individual doesnt want to say it, like everybody’s new favorite anti-trump trashy lesbian soccer star, they can stand there with their foul mouths shut while those who do enjoy the hundred year old american tradition can recite in unity

; )

How old is that pledge?

Will those people also be insulted?

The pledge isn’t a hundreds year old tradition. Clearly you know a lot about it and it means the world to you.


In this case, the city council voted to remove it from the agenda so they clearly didn’t want it as part of city council meetings. Should they be forced to have it on the agenda? What about the roughly 50% of other city council meetings in Minnesota that don’t have the pledge on the agenda? Should they be forced to add it back?

I wonder how many meetings Trump has chaired where he insisted the pledge of allegiance be said at the begining?

over a hundred years old

any other knowledge you need?

Here we go again…he is playing to his base…something is coming


I didn’t need that. You did. Or don’t you read what you write?

yes, anti american leftists didnt want it said.

what other amazing info do you have?

do you not read what you dont write about what you read about writing?

Love it! Ignore getting called out for not knowing the pledge isn’t hundreds of years old. That’s how you win. Winning is cool!

um, hundred

do you love reading too?

Saying the Pledge of Allegiance and claiming it makes you a great American is the easiest thing in the world to do. Kindergartners do it everyday.

Time to make hugging the flag mandatory too.

Dang, 50% of Minnesota city councils are leftists? I might look into moving there…:smile:

Someone edited that post. Wonder who?