The Impeachment will happen, Pelosi officially kicks it off at 5:00 pm today (9/24/2019)

Here’s how it will go.

They will bluster with some hearings.

They will pass the Articles of Impeachment and submit them to the Senate.

The Senate trial will probably last all of a few hours, long enough for the President’s counsel to move to dismiss all charges and for the Senate to briefly debate and vote on the motion to dismiss, ending all proceedings.


Silly libs…


Something tells me it may not be quite so cut and dried.


Do you think McConnell would even allow the articles to be brought before the Senate?

Yes, he will.

They will organize a court of impeachment and then the President’s counsel will move to dismiss. Dismissal requires only a majority.

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Why do you think he rushed this through then? Seems out of character if the goal is just summarily dismiss anything brought forth through the inquiry.

So it will only take two defections from GOP Senators in swing states up in 2020 (in a cycle that heavily favors Democrats) to derail it?

I don’t know.

This Ukraine thing is bad and it is likely to get worse.

The Senate GOP saying such an abuse of power is okay with them would harm them… especially in a year where they are defending a lot more seats.

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Impeachment is the right thing to do. No person is above the law, including the president of the United States.

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Given his general lack of ■■■■■ given, it feels like he may have had enough.

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I hope the inquiry forces the release of the information Congress is requesting. We don’t live in a Trump dictatorship.

Good thing the President trolled one of them today.

I am sure that is going to help.

which will put the GOP in the senate on the record voting to support the criminal

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Yeah doesn’t seem like this is going to be cut and dried. Especially since Pelosi seems to make a sport out of making Trump look like a fool.

If it goes to trial, it should be done in an expedited manner. 5 days would be more than enough, followed by an immediate vote on conviction.

Maybe. Or maybe he is calculating that it’s time to abandon ship and hope for a Pence-appointed replacement for Ginsburg on the USSC. The judiciary seems to be his only concern.

Donald needs to unleash the trials against the Deep State Obama-Clinton Russian Collusion hoax traitors NOW, to block this evil attempted coup!

Eh… his whole game is protecting the Senate from being on record and ever getting to votes. This is different.

The Senate goes on record EITHER way.

Bah! A waste of time. Nothing good for America nor for the Democratic party will come from any Articles Of Impeachment being handed over to the Senate.

Frankly I do believe Moscow Mitch will figure out, or try like hell, to find some way to never act on those articles of impeachment if they get handed over.

I would not be surprised if the AoI does make it to Trial in the Senate it would be a “slam bam thank you mam” trial by hurry and that Trump bucket gets no conviction, not even close!