The house select committee on Jan 6 Pt 2

It’s just shocking….

Shocking I tell you that the bogus J6 Commission missed this one.

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Isn’t it sickening? All it does is reinforce what George Carlin said;


The problem is, these dumb asses are allowed to vote. It gives credence to our founding fathers requiring that to vote, you must be “land owners”. They saw it too but today…we’re stuck with dumb voters who have never accomplished ANYTHING!

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Are you now starting to understand?


It actually happened. People are being indicted over it and everything

No. That would imply that I didn’t understand from the beginning. You’re the one who does not understand how the electoral college works.

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No it didn’t. There were alternate electors chosen. That happens in every election when the popular vote is too close to call when the selection is made.

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I understand how the electoral college works.

What Trump tried to do was manufacture fake electors to give Mike Pence cover to pretend that there was a legitimate conflict and certain States aside and throw the election to the Congress where through Parliamentary process, Trump would keep the Presidency.

We know this because the idiots who carried this plan out for him didn’t keep quiet about it.

So are you beginning to understand?

There were no alternate electors chosen. They were illegitimate and fake electors who signed fraudulent documents.

It’s why there are a lot of people in legal trouble over this.

Are you sure you know what happened?

No he didn’t. That’s the Lib version … which is a myth.

But I’m beginning to understand how brainwashed you are. Hate is a terrible emotion to succumb to.


I’m sure you believe that that’s what happened.

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He did.

But let us go with the idea that he didn’t.

Then explain what the fake elector scheme taken on by his lawyers and his allies in Congress was all about?

Why was there a pressure campaign on Mike Pence to accept them as equally legitimate?

What was the point of it all?

And don’t say that it was because of a contested election… it wasn’t contested… the States certified their electors. There was one set of legitimate electors and the fake ones were not it.

It is.

There are people in legal trouble over it.

Why are we arguing about reality?

That’s the thing about whacko conspiracies … they can nearly consume the true believers. :wink:

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I’m not arguing. I’m saying it is a myth; you are arguing all sorts of things to try to convince me that it’s real.

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Always by Democrat DAs and Democrat AGs. That is what weaponization is all about. That is the real threat to democracy.


If it isn’t real… then why are people being charged with committing a crime for doing it?

So is the belief that they are making it all up? That they didn’t actually commit fraud?

Good question. Probably for the same reason that Trump himself has been inundated with exaggerated and questionable legal charges.

Politicizing the DOJ is a really ugly thing.


So when we have the video of people committing the fraud… is that an exaggerated and questionable legal charge?

Very possibly.

Is Trump in any of those alleged videos? Earlier, you said it was he who appointed fake delegates.

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