The Hoplophobe Strategy

This leader of the charge gave us a little insight:

And of course the propaganda wing distributed it to the masses.

And here is the rationalization:

Notice the excuses. Previous infringements.

The strategy is to make the right of the people to keep and bear arms such a diminished right that no one will even notice.

Some noticed:

To start, he argued, courts should not be cherry-picking constitutional rights to expand or diminish.

Thomas described the 9th Circuit’s approach as “indefensible,” and California’s scheme as part of a “distressing trend” of treating the Second Amendment “as a disfavored right.”

This is an example, just one of many, of the problem with this idiotic notion of The Living Constitution and The Final Arbiters.

The Constitution is the final arbiter of what is Constitutional.

Be careful what you vote for.


Oh, Ginsburg… Your death is gonna piss off a lot of libs this year. God speed.

My question is why? Why are they so adamant about disarming the people. I think we all know it isn’t to “save lives”.


Useful idiots can be convinced that disarming law-abiding people will ever save any lives.

The puppet masters pulling their strings have their own twisted reasoning.


It’s about power and control. They want to control us.

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Last person to put her in the grave died in 2017.


Absolutely positively wrong. SCOTUS is.


“I hereby order”

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Cons seem so eager to push their politics into the court and run cover for a dictator wannabe

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It is amazing. Their sociopathic chosen one is setting the table for a Democrat to declare guns a “national emergency” yet they are so blinded by partisanship they refuse to see it.

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You can bet the next democrat president will issue an executive order on day one banning the importation of assaults and probably ammunition.

Aren’t we within the “let the voters decide” window for appointment of supreme court justices?

If you control the senate. Which you don’t.

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I hope not…allowing presidents to be dictators is the end of us. Congress needs to grow a set.

That will make a fine re-election issue for all those GOP senators up for re-election next November… :rofl::rofl:

Your rights have been taken from you one by one.

You need to drop this romantic but totally divorced from reality notion that guns protect you from any of that government overreach, or will do in the near future.

It’s a silly argument.


Go for it. It probably made them more popular.

LOL… Good luck…

No it didn’t.

Far righties that love repressive social rulings are a distinct minority.

Which is why even Kavanaugh will not rule on certain issues the way you think he will.

Nor Roberts.

What are you prattling on about?