The Greatest Orator

I had a surreal experience yesterday, catching a few minutes of Breitbart radio. Matt Boyle said that Beto O’Rourke would have trouble debating Trump, as Trump is (paraphrasing) “the greatest orator of our time”, and particularly singling out Trump’s ability to speak off-the-cuff.

Wait, what? Does anyone agree with the esteemed Mr. Boyle as to Trump’s oratory skills?

It’s hard to imagine that Mr. Boyle has ever listened to any other President. Even GW Bush (not the greatest speaker himself) was far better than Trump, and as for Reagan, Bill Clinton, later-years Obama, it’s not remotely close. Trump can’t even stay on topic, and generally can’t string two coherent sentences together; he’d fail an 8th grade debate class.

Off-the-cuff speaking becomes pretty easy when you don’t worry about the truth, or what you said last week.

Trump is the worst, as far as presidents go, that I have seen in my lifetime. He doesn’t even complete sentences. I don’t know if this is a progressive disease like dementia or not but he seems to be declining if you look at some of his old talks and compare.

But no, as an orator, he’s a complete loser.

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Just look at his twitter timeline… he can’t spell and can’t make complete sentences.

He uses “words” like bigly.

He is a terrible public speaker.

Loud, boorish, bullying rhetoric appeals to some people, apparently.

Those who feel impotent in their own lives, I’m guessing.

Donald Trump is undoubtedly the best speaker in our lives. Donald Trump has the best words. He can quickly connect these words. Ice blast. Immediate offer. He can defeat any topic he wants. He never messed up and messes up. I have a handbook of smart words, almost all of which are Donald J. Trump. People sometimes get paid hear him talk to them. He always says what people want to hear, even if he has to make up words.


That’s just too funny. I guess people can convince themselves of anything if they really, really hate others enough.

He is also the inventor of now popular expressions, like “prime the pump”.

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And “grease the wheel.”

“Stable genius”.

Fake news.

Crap, that was my next.

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" Covfefe"


One of my all time favorites is: " Two Corinthians’"

Strictly speaking that was his writing, which we all know is world-class as well.

Another favorite of mine, “believe me”

No he’s not.

If this Boyle guy said that he’s too stupid to have a microphone or a pen.

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Most posters are acting smug but failing to recognize Trump’s real strengths as an orator.

No, Donald Trump would not make a good showing at The Oxford Union but that’s not what he is trying to do.

I believe it was Toni Morrison who said, “They will not remember what you told them, they will remember how you made them feel,” and for Trump’s base he is masterful at making them feel good. Trump makes them feel cared about and respected and he provides them simple, credible explanations for the anxiety and anger that they feel.

This entire thread plays into Trump’s strength with his audience – that the elites look down on them.

To quote Bob Dylan, “Don’t criticize what you can’t understand.”


According to the Washington Post he lied on average 15 times a day this year.

True. And in part it helps explain why his base remains devoted to him even in the face of his most obvious lies. If the lies make them feel good, it’s better than any kept promise.

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