The GOP contributed to Buttigieg for president

epic level trolling

The Republican national committee bought US flags to send to assorted democrats as a way to shme them over ICE.

Buttigieg reported the $65 flag as an in kind donation to his campaign.

since its over $50 official FEC records now show that the RNC contributed to his campaign :slight_smile:

Slow news day. :rofl:

Cool. Everyone should have a flag. And the Republicans have proof they are not homophobes.


As a matter of interest were they made in China?

:rofl: That’s the takeaway!


Why not?

:rofl: That’s a takeaway!

I think everyone should hug the flag. That way they prove they love America.


I can’t think why not. But you said everyone “should” have a flag. Why?

It’s a nice gift.

Did it work? The shaming. I hope it worked. It would be nice to see representatives of America actually represent Americans, like the ICE agents, rather than illegal aliens.


Ok, if you say so. I won’t be.

Do you have Perkins restaurants in your area?

No, never heard of it. Good?

No, it’s a take. There’s a difference. :wink:

It’s okay, it’s basically a chain restaurant, a level or two above fast food. Good for breakfast. They’re known for flying truly enormous US flags over their restaurants.

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A nothing burger thread.

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Nice for some citizens.

A Waste for others.

Me. I rather have something tangible than symbolic.

Do you want the Olympic torch or tickets to the Olympic 100 meter sprint?

Tickets every single time and twice on Sunday.


Give me the tickets

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Nah, all the red meat is eaten for the week. This is a nuffin’ muffin. lol :wink: