The Future of Our Glorious Party Is the -Cortez Woman


That is possible. But when does the union not push for higher wages? Besides that, we’re just working on a new contract now. Our last contract was done in 2011. We’ve been working under the same contract since then. No pay raises, only pay deductions. That $211 dollars I mentioned, it was $11 dollars in 2011. So we’ve actually lost $200 over 7 years.


Well… lets look at the differences between Medicare and the private systems we already have.

The administrative costs of Medicare are around 2% while the average of private insurance hovers around 12%.

A multipayer system costs the US an extra $375 billion a year in paperwork and billing as opposed to a single payer system.

All the while we have millions who are uninsured which lead to incredibly crazy circumstances like people trying to gofundme their insulin and dying because they fell $50 short.


Whoever negotiated that contract for you all must have been a Trump U grad. That’s awful.


Ours is partially funded through residuals of DVD sales.

As you can probably guess that pool of money is quickly drying up.

So the fight is to get residuals of streaming services… but they want us to give up the ability to charge a penalty for not breaking us for a meal after six hours.

It isn’t going to go well.


Actually that wasn’t in the 2007-2011 contract. It was an MOA that came after 2011 and while we were working under the same contract. But yeah, still Trump U material.


That was the Chris Christie years when general support for public works unions were really in decline I am guessing.


You’re guessing is spot on. The only reason we’re getting a new contract now is because of the new governor. Check this out. Christie already gutted the toll collectors. All new hires are now paid at 1980 wages. He wanted to then go to where I now work and give a contract over four years that went like this……0%, -1%, -4%, -4% over the four year contract. That’s just the money part. So he was stonewalled until he left office.


Sounds like a great way to wittle away at a blue collar middle class.


They sure are scared of this young latina.


It was a scumbag move. He even cut part timers pay. He did exactly what you said. I’m not sure what he was trying to accomplish. Because most if not all of the new hires are going to qualify for state assistance. That’s probably going to cost more than if you paid them a few more dollars an hour.


Well, she isn’t an eyesore to say the least. And before anyone attacks me for saying that, it is a reality we have to accept. Better looking people get better results with all else being equal. People with charisma are taken more seriously.


I agree. There was a 20/20 episode years back on this. 2 people went for a job interview; a very attractive person and an unattractive person with slightly better qualifications. Overwhelmingly the attractive person was offered the job.


I think it was more about looking like he was pushing back against the “corrupt Union Fat Cat Bosses” instead of anything to do with fiscal responsibility.


I remember a lot of republicans on these boards railiing against public labor unions and wishing them banned, during that time frame.


Of course. People think this is nonsense, but it isn’t, and it stems from expectations based on charisma. An uglier person has to work harder to achieve the same results.


Ok. But it was the rank and file that took the hit.


Honestly I can see an argument for hiring more attractive people for customer service or sales type positions. Not so sure about cubicle workers, labs etc.


I’m not talking about need for charisma, just charisma itself gives you the advantage. There is an expectation people have when talking to people that are either ugly or attractive. People are willing to accept and tolerate more from an att5ractive person than they would from the ugly. People are overwhelmingly more likely to change or reconsider their position if it comes from an attractive person over an ugly person.


No. We as a society think people need these things. If housing is a right, show me where it’s enumerated in the Constitution.

If housing is a right, I want the Stark Mansion.


All of our laws aren’t in the constitution. However I agree public need is a better term than right.