The Future of Our Glorious Party Is the -Cortez Woman


Give medical professionals any unlimited purse and then out them in charge of our medical system. Sounds like the fox guarding the hen house.

By how much? In real dollars. If you’ll provide a cost/ benefit analysis showing how much we spend now and how much the system you propose will cost in comparison using real world facts and figures, I’ll consider your proposal.


No. It’s neither a right nor a privilege. It’s a need.


Do you feel the same way about Trump’s $12 billion farm bailout because that’s all that is. Free government cheese in exchange for votes.


Case in point.


That must be addressed.


Do they have an unlimited purse now under Medicare?

As far as cost reduction… I will once again bring up that we pay twice per capita for health care than the next OECD country. If you can argue that our results are twice as good… then have at it.


Says the guy who has been reduced to single sentence grunts to make an argument.

You have a nice day.


Verbosity is not an attribute in a man.


It’s $288 monthly for me and the wife. I could pay less if I wanted to , but that’s top end. But speaking weekly, I pay $245 in taxes and $211 for benefits.


You are a hilarious dude.



10 ch


That’s not bad. Most pay a lot more and could benefit from the trade off of higher taxes while seeing their health care premiums go away.


Keep on grunting.


You first. All I hear is pie I the sky promises. Show me a real plan with facts and figures.


So is food, housing, water. No one is saying anyone had a right to any of those things. We have the right to go out and persue them.


The cost of my health care is hidden on top of my hourly wages. To qualify, I have to work 400 hours every six months… which isn’t hard to do… that is less than forty days since we generally work 12 to 16 hours a day.

All of the union contracts are coming up soon though and it is going to be a fight to fix the pensions.

There is some talk of striking… but we will see.


Well of course they would. And to be honest, I don’t mind if they do. Just count me out. Because I highly doubt I am going to get the same benefits for that amount of money or less. I don’t even have a deductible. My prescriptions are 3 dollars no matter how much they cost. But I work for a state union.


We pay 7.5% for our pension.


I imagine the union would push for higher wages if single payer is enacted, since the state would no longer have to help fund health care for its employees.


Welfare, housing assistance, food stamps, WIC, rent control, etc. Someone thinks people do have a right to these things.