The freaky, shocking latest Q posts

This has been a great week for Republicans. The week after the convention and here they are.

Those cases cover at least a 40 year period (i.e. Roman Polanski was arrested in 1977). Yes, there are rich and famous people who have committed sex crimes. There are also people who live in trailer parks who have committed sex crimes.
I’m missing the point. The existence of the list is evidence that these people aren’t all getting away with it.

Ohhhh. They don’t like this stuff… too real, too disgusting. Lets just talk about fake things and ping pong matches with fake news.

and don’t forget, The Best is yet to come.

No we talk about pizza before we eat children.


We have to unpack them from the desk of drawers first though

I continue too ask this but I never get an answer.

Name one person that QAnon has brought to justice.

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Q is running out of material.

Well if you really stretch, this crazy ass Qanon follower killed the underboss of the Gambino Family because he thought he was part of the deep state last year. You could assume Frank Cali was involved in murders, drug dealing, gambling, racketeering…but that did skip any kind of indictment. The kid was crazy.

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Which screams of a lack of imagination more than anything.

Hell an amateur author dabbling in fiction and a strong hold on adjectives would have come with something by now

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Oh look an example of my post lol

The kid is insane. Was flashing their crazy Qanon white power/gang sign or whatever at his indictment.

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QAnon isn’t a conspiracy theory. It’s a black hole you look into that reflects back what you want to see.

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That the answer to the question is “zero” is evidence of how widespread and generalized the support for these pederasts is in among the deep state, law enforcement, and the baked italian circular-foods industry.


It is just around the corner. Any day now…

The best storm is yet to coming!!

In Hollywood, in the late 40’s the body of Elizabeth Short was found in a vacant lot. It became known as the Black Dahlia killing.

Years later a lady named Janice Knowlton, claimed she had had flashback memories that Elizabeth Short, she had known as Aunt Betty, was killed by her father with her watching.

She wrote a book, My daddy was the Black Dahlia killer.

Police didn’t believe, her Knowlton was called mentally ill.

Later, a LAPD cop, Steve Hodel wrote a book that HIS father, George Hodel was the Black Dahlia killer.

Hodel’s info is much more believable than Janice Knowlton. Supposedly the original detective believed the killer was George Hodel a prominent Hollywood Medical Doctor.

Janice Knowlton —generally considered crazy–had made another MAJOR accusation–that she as a child had been farmed out to the huge Hollywood “Pedophile Ring” she claimed WAS RUN by GENE AUTRY!

Janice Knowlton died in 2004 by “SUICIDE”

She had been on the internet telling her story for years, especially on a Black Dahlia mystery website/FORUM. Then killed herself. (?)

At the same time Steve Hodel continued writing about his father, In later books, Steve Hodel, concludes his father was THE major serial killer…of modern history, showing that the Zodiac Killer had signed his father’s name in one of the Zodiac code letters.

Hodel’s books are very believable.

Now back to Janice Knowlton… here she is in 1991 news story where she is interviewed.

No mention in this about her GENE AUTRY --pedophile ring, allegations. I’ll get to that later.

That’s what YOU are doing with it.

The Best? :thinking:

QAnon is actively hurting those who are trying to stop child abusers.

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I know

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