The Forces of the Great Reset have used COVID to advance an Evil Agenda

I came across this Cardinal speaking to his congregation and thought…hammer…meet nail. Cardinal Burke says plainly what’s happening to the United States right now and the world as a whole.

At this time when we are about to celebrate the birth of Christ, notice the forces working against this? The name of the holiday says plainly what it’s all about…and that’s Christ our Lord.

Listen up my brethren; how honored you should be, that God placed you here on earth, at this very time to do His Will. Be strong and of good courage. Listen to this messenger and hear what he has to say and…Merry Christmas.

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I doubt the Vatican signed off on that message :sweat_smile:

I wondered the same. I’m not Catholic but he speaks The Lord’s Truth.

Now…COVID has mutated into a new strain and has arrived just in time for 2021 and it’s…70% more contagious.

What does the Vatican have to do with a homily given at a local Catholic parish?

Hey Meri…it’s good to see you and MeriChristmas. :sunglasses:

:slight_smile: Thank you! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you, too!

I believe the pope is a globalist and therefore in favor of “The Great Reset” that Cardinal Burke spoke against.

Here is another spiritual leader bearing his view regarding the great reset and how it is NOT of The Lord or His Will for our lives but…it’s all our choice. This is the time we are in…and it’s each individual’s choice. Listen and “watch”.

Political speeches should cause loss of tax exemption for the churches.


I don’t disagree. Who politically is being endorsed? What party is being elevated over the other?

Render to Ceasar those things that are Ceasar’s and to The Lord those things that are the Lord’s…and that is what these spiritual leaders are doing.

Things that make you say…“hmmmmmmmm”.

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Advocating choosing God and the Way of Christ over the Way of the World (i.e.) politics is now a “Political Speech”? Don’t like what a church is saying? Label it “Political” and bring them down. Do you agree with such policies?

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Who is the ‘The great reset’?

For the record, I think all churches should pay taxes.

The world economic forum that are uniting to use the pandemic as a way to alter the global economy.

Funny how it just happens to be associated with progressives. But being against it is not pushing any one political side. Sure.

Several billionaires and conservatives like Boris Johnson are on board with it. I bet even Mitch McConnell is cool with it. Globalists don’t have loyalty to political parties.

Thank you. Not catholic. Don’t generally watch preachers on TV either. But my SO does. And she reports that the message from another sector of the Christian church, the protestant evangelicals, is the same as what this blessed soul spoke.

Note to others… he does give the message in English and then in some other language. But you can skip those parts.

Listen. Christians are waking up.

Let’s take a look at the principles upon which we were founded. The first was no taxation without representation. Second, the separation of Church and State. Therefore, if churches are to be taxed, they must have representation at the government level. A new branch of government, perhaps? That wars with separation of Church and State.

Another thing to consider: All donations given to Church are from the already taxed incomes of the donors. This means double taxation on the donor’s gift: Once before he gives it; the second after he has given it.

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They should be treated and represented just like the businesses they are.