The first male Republican politician stands up to Trump, tells the truth about the Mueller report and Barr and receives a standing ovation

Amash’s Chines profits must be taking a hit.:rofl:

thats only your opinion, or much rather what you have to push as opinion…

Same as yours or anyone else’s

if we would take their voting record, then none of them would be RINO (your point). But that wasnt the point (voting record). As I said, they dont vote for or against Trump…

Well, actually that was your own point, see your earlier post below:


no, my point was that he is a RINO because he sides with dems regarding that impeachment story

Not agreeing lock, stock and barrel is all it takes? What happened to you independent thinkers?


he isnt an ‘independent thinker’, but a hypocrite

So, someone who has impeccable conservative credentials with policies and voting record is bucking their own party here by opposing the president of his party.

That does not make one a RINO. RINO literally stands for Republican In Name Only and we know he isn’t that because of his record in Congress. He is just choosing to do his job as a Congressman by scrutinizing the president as he would do to president of any party. He’s spent plenty of time criticizing Obama, go look it up.

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on the other side, you talk about the dems.
where are the ‘independent thinkers’ on their side, claiming that the Mueller probe is over and looking at the crimes committed by obama & Co, the intel agencies etc?

A person is a RINO because they agree with some Dems on one particular issue? Wow, must be a really exclusive club to be a Republican these days.

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Republican = blindly supporting trump in all things…
Amash did not support trump in all things…

Therefore he is a RINO…


President of their party? Trump was never even part of their party. He ran on being an outsider. A break in the establishment. Now he’s the president of their party? I mean just because they fell in line behind…

Oh I get it now. Carry on.

Yeah real exclusive. I mean Trump’s a member and he’s not even a Republican. Said so himself.

Does that mean Trump is a RINO? Well then I guess Amash supposedly being in that status isn’t such a bad thing, or do the “Real” Republicans just give Trump a quick pass? Things are getting really cloudy in this Trump regime.

Next we’ll be hearing that Amash is just part of “the Establishment” while Trump continues furiously working to break “the Establishment” by pushing Congress to pass legislation that favors “the Establishment” over the American people. You know, “the Establishment” that Trump isn’t a part of but also seems to be pushing legislation to which he also wildly benefits from, just like his “Establishment” buddies, I mean enemies. Just a coincidence, I’m sure.

P.S. I believe “the Establishment” is and always was just code for “the Wealthy.”

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That buttresses my point even more.

You’re a quick one, aren’t you? I was agreeing with you.

I’m not sure why that would make him a RINO. He never told anyone he was a Republican. Republicans did and are though. They claim he’s a Christian too. I don’t really see that either. But then back when I went to church adultery was in the list of ten big no nos in the Bible. How many times has Trump done it? Just the times we know about? But he’s a good Christian. Believe him. Bigly.

McCarthy is wrong.

Or is ACU lying?