The first male Republican politician stands up to Trump, tells the truth about the Mueller report and Barr and receives a standing ovation

If you read his tweets they are exactly what will be said in history books a 100 years from now. This dude is nailing it and says that some of his fellow Republican politicians believe exactly as he does but are simply afraid to speak out publicly. I’m glad a man finally found some guts and stood up to the guy gettin New York City. That’s the first one.

Someone post his tweets. They are so honest that trump and Republican media are now trying to crush him.

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Well, after Mueller spoke today this guy looks like a genius.

Funny that the other gop members attack him for not marching lockstep with the rino establishment…

They are all weaker than he is.

How many RWNJs on this forum have said they are independent thinkers? Look what happens when an independent thinker actually goes rogue. All the other independent thinkers attack him for being an independent thinker.

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Amash here is somewhat noteworthy because he was never on a RINO list that I am aware of; quite the contrary, he was/is one of the darlings of the 2010 Tea Party revolution.

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He’s correct that in the present moment most congressional Republicans represent Donald more than they do the Americans who elected them.

You mean the first RINO to join the Dems and their scam.

why “MALE republican”? makes it any difference if male of female?

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What makes him a Rino other than not supporting Trump’s corruption?

actually the Dems are the ones who put party over USA

no border security, russia useless investiagtion, looking for impeaching the President, without having any reason to do so, putting the interests of illegal immigrants above thatone of Americans. So, spare me the drivel about Trump or Republicans not serving the interests of Americans. They try to do, but are obstructed permanently by the enemy of USA → DNC and their liberal movement around the country


I am curious which part of his voting record or his policy positions make him a RINO.

It’s true that he has more of a libertarian streak than a traditional Republican - much like Paul and Rand Paul - but like I was saying, for nearly a decade he’s been the young Tea Party revolution darling in conservative circles.

Whataboutism is always safer than addressing the issue at hand.

McCarthy said he votes mostly with the Dems than with Republicans. And the fact he sides now with Dems, ignoring how that phony investigation was started, the biased and partisan team of Mueller, etc, makes him to a total hypocrite, like the Dems actually too, but from socialists you cant expect any dignity and common sense

Donald has subverted every value and principle conservatives once claimed set them apart from the left, and replaced them with attitudes and behaviors conservatives once identified as the hallmarks of a civilization in decline. Rather than condemn this subversion, most of them couldn’t line up fast enough to take a knee before Donald.


That’s demonstrably false. Amash has a conservative voting record and vast majority of the time votes in line with President Trump’s position.

Link here:

The survey says that was a lie:

Never EVER let facts get in the way of a good misleading rant.


whatever, still a RINO.
They dont vote for or against Trump in the Congress, but make laws for the American people . well, the Dems make laws much rather against Americans

Obviously not.

People like you have 24/7 only the aim to discredit Trump, calling ‘facts’ whatever kind of fabrications help you, deviating from the issue (like now, for example) and so on