The financial cost of Dicks banning assault rifles

in february after the shooting in florida Dicks sporting goods announced they would no longer sell assault rifles at all or any gun to people under 21.

the result of that decision came today with their quarterly earning reports.

Much better than expected sales.
they raised their yearly earnings guidance

Their stock price soared by 25% today


Let the free market speak. Good for them. Scuze me while I enjoy me some delicious Chick-Fil-A. :smiley:


Seems like many of the hard core NRA-types didn’t go to Dick’s to begin with. I do know several “libs” who have made it a point to shop there because of the decision. Appears to be a win/win for the store.

Why not let homeless people camp in the store, Dick’s has all the gear on site.

Dick’s …


Dick Cheney… …?

Aww ■■■■■ son! Cheney has been banned!!! :rofl:

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Nobody buys guns from them.

Didn’t know they had any, though i have bought a couple of golf clubs from them.

Or go shopping at Hobby Lobby. :sunglasses:

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Dicks hasn’t sold ARs in 6 years or so…

:confused: lol

Where is @WildRose and @johnwk2? They, among others, predicted a devastating backlash against Dick’s…

Good for them! Stock prices up. They are benefiting from the Trump economy. As for AR’s. Who cares. There are hundreds of models and thousands of places to buy one. Dicks isn’t needed. So who cares?

Here’s where Dicks stopped selling ARs in 2013.

You guys fell for a PR stunt.

Next in the news Starbucks says they will no longer sell AR-15s in any of their stores either.


Wait didn’t Starbucks have to send it’s liberal baristas to diversity training cuz they don’t know how to treat black folk?

Really just here because my inner 12 year old loved the thread title.

The increased tax revenue generated will help lower the deficit. It sounds like a plan is coming together.

I wouldn’t buy a gun from Dick’s anyway.I have little doubt the small gunshops can make a better deal.

I didn’t even know they sold guns till this came up but i bet they are over priced in a similar manner to what Gander Mountain guns are.

"In its earnings statement, the company blamed the same-store slump on “a continued deceleration in hunt and electronics sales”…

The stock went up because of guidance not sales…

I just read an on-line story where several SB’s employees were quoted saying that their sensitivity training was primarily about how brutal police are to blacks. I guess the message was, “you are a racist if you call the police to evict a black trespasser because they will beat the person half to death while arresting them.” (Training provided by BLM? :wink: )

Much like Elizabeth Warren declaring that she will turn down campaign contributions from the NRA. :wink: