The Far Leftist MSM are Trying to Defend Biden as a "Moderate Politician and Nice Guy"

This is almost as comical if not hilarious i can see why some liberals in here believe whatever media tells them. “Like on the Russiagate” Right? :joy:
The same Mainstream News Media which had being pushing far leftist polices, had being calling rioters as peaceful protesters.

They are now bascially defending if not trying to frame and paint Joe Biden as a Moderate Politician and Nice Guy and how Trump’s accusations and his critics claims of calling Biden a solcaist or a far leftist is a tough sell?

This is a bit rather ironic. Because for 4-6 Months Joe Biden had hiding in his basement or bunker and now all of a sudden Joe Biden has come out of his shell from the democart party the current party that has far leftist and socialist members in the congress like AOC and Omar calling for the overthrow of the system in America.

Media now claims that Joe Biden and claims that Joe Biden wont do anything socialist while in office? :joy:yeah he wont do anything “Socialist” Till his pressured to do like Obama was with his LGBT marriages right before the end of the Obama admin.

# Financial advisory firm tells clients Biden won’t be moving too far left if he becomes president

dont worry clients Joe Biden to progressive unless replaced by his VP or pressured to push progressive agendas by the house and senate.

CNN the far leftist which had being canceling people and snooping on private properts to search for proof that Russia had meddled wants to tell you fellow citzens that claiming that Joe Biden is a far leftist is a tough sell.

Trump wants Americans to believe Biden is a radical leftist. It’s a tough sell.

But i am sure those rioters are still peaceful protesters somehow. Or that somehow white people have a virus in their brains according to van jones of CNN.

Biden won’t have a say in that matter.

As for rioters, looters and other protestors. They’re protesting, looting and rioting precisely because of Joe Biden.

You all have really checked out haven’t you?


Oh how nice. Personal shot is all you have…so original.

Here it comes…more personal shots.

Not even trying anymore

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I don’t know how what I said is personal.

People are protesting and rioting because of Joe Biden? Like what?


Trump’s campaign has no choice but to try and convince voters that Biden is slightly to the left of Stalin. Clinton isn’t running this time and Biden doesn’t inspire the same level of fear and loathing.

Also? Trump now has to run on his record and not just promises. COVID, the economy, racial strife. What has he led with beyond “Why me?”


That was Joe Biden’s knee on George Floyd’s neck, don’t you know nuthin?

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But, um, Joe Biden has a fifty year record as a moderate Democrat and apparently IRL literally everybody likes the dude on both sides of the aisle because he genuinely is a nice guy.

Even Trump can’t bring himself to call Biden a leftist and we all know what kind of relationship he has with the factual truth.

“The truth is,” Mr. Biden had boasted a year earlier in a speech on the Senate floor, “every major crime bill since 1976 that’s come out of this Congress, every minor crime bill, has had the name of the Democratic senator from the State of Delaware: Joe Biden.”

I hope NYSlime is acceptable source for you all.

Conceding that would drive another nail into the campaign coffin.

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I’m honestly starting to see why Trump was so worried about Biden going all the way back to the Ukraine thing, even when Biden was barely placing in the debates.

Old white dude so the culture war punches slide right off him. Undeniable decades-long record as a center-left moderate. Never even tried to make big money off politics for forty plus years until he thought he was retired. And most importantly, he’s a super friendly dude who even his political enemies say is empathetic and impossible to dislike.

You know he isn’t.

He ran for President believing in absolutely nothing.

Think Trump’s missing Clinton and Sanders? Youbetcha.

You ever wonder why through eight years of Obama, when the right lost its ■■■■■■■ mind and was throwing anything, anything at all, against the wall to see what would stick, the GOP left Joe Biden alone? Despite the fact that while he wasn’t Cheney level powerful, he was very involved in policy and governance?

I think the worst thing they ever overheated about was that he was disrespectful to Paul Ryan because he smiled a lot and just laughed at his talking points. Which kinda says it all.

I will admit Biden’s early career has some very problematic votes especially in the area of law enforcement and incarcerations. The thing though is that is not Trump’s position 30 years ago, it’s Trump’s position today…and then some

For those wanting reform Biden is the lesser of 2 evils.

People kind of miss the forest for the trees on the Crime Bill because let me tell you, nobody was pushing harder for that and for harsher sentences for crack dealing than the CBC and black political leaders. And you gotta understand, poor inner city neighborhoods were like the Wild West at the time. Violence was at historically unprecedented levels. Civil order had almost completely broken down.

Ten years later you could say, ooh this might’ve been a mistake and I did, but during the height of the crack epidemic it was a different story.

You know I didn’t wonder about that. The reason seems obvious.