The false notion that these Democrat politicians are really something special

Here’s a question for anyone. Please tell me the name of a senator who changed your life? Please tell me the name of a senator who radically improved the lives of all Americans? Please tell me the name of a senator who worked near miracles for the people in their state? Please tell me the name of anyone running for the senate whom you believe has THE ANSWER? Please tell me who out there is really something special???

Is it John Fetterman, who lived off mommy and daddy until he was 50?

Honestly is it really so much about the person or is it about the political party and which party you believe has policies that will be better for the country? In the end, and much more so today, who’s the particular candidate is much less relevant than which party they represent. The reality is that that the person is beholden to the party that gets them into power and will vote party line around 90% of the time or more.

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So, what…vote for Oz?

No thanks :laughing:

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Oz is a terrible candidate.


Is it because you believe John Fetterman is really something special, or is it because he has the correct letter on his chest?

I put numerous questions in the OP, care to answer them?

Oz is the worst possible candidate that could be put up against Fetterman.

That is the only answer that anyone needs.

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The “letter on his chest” is an indication of his politics which line up with my own. It’s that simple.

Which was EXACTLY the main point in my OP.


Right. You have now achieved mastery of American Politics, Level One. :+1:


Please tell me what makes someone a really unique and special candidate? Do you believe that a really great candidate is someone with THE ANSWER?

thats with any senator. r or d. they toe the line or be subjected to DINO or RINO. look at manchin, mccain or any other senator who didnt toe the party line.


We had a president that literally did just that and y’all think he’s the greatest guy ever!


I agree with this … but do you see the irony that you accompanied this post with a personalized criticism of the candidate you opposed.

Personal attacks, charm and charisma still play a factor.

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By having an opponent that is as bad at Oz at basically everything when it comes to campaigning.

Going to have to now.

Fetterman is physically unable to serve a six year term.

At least others with a clear mind will.

I simply presented one example with Fetterman. The main point of the OP is very straightforward.

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Until it became obvious that Fetterman is too sick to serve or step aside.

Oz is going to win by default or forfeit.

Lamb vs McCormick would have been a better race.

As bad as he is at the politics…he is better qualified than Fetterman.

I will take the brain surgeon over the brain damaged candidate…(harsh…ouchie.)

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…and another example of your level of discernment. Now…carry on in life… :+1: :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

Then I don’t get your premise. If only the letter is important, why are you commenting on Fetterman’s character at all rather than just making an R vs D play?

Your personal criticism of the candidate indicates that you think character DOES matter.