The Fairfax conundrum

The Lt. Governor of Virginia has been accused of forcing a woman to perform a sex act on him. So by which standard should he be judged? The Kavanaugh, me too movement “we must believe women” standard or the due process, innocent until proven guilty standard.

Talk amongst yourselves.

The Kavanaugh thing was pretty hot. I’m surprised that a similar situation only grosser is drawing no opinions.

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One lady says she was forced to perform oral sex while the other says, 36 years ago, she was groped through two layers of clothing. To even attempt to compare the two accusations as being anywhere near equivalent is a whole new crime in itself and libs should be ashamed…period.


The comparison isn’t between the accusations but the respective parties’ responses to them. But you knew that…amirte? :sunglasses:

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Get rid of them all or keep them all. Same standards for all.

Then maybe the reaction should fit the crime…maybe…even in Libville?

What’s libville?

So some types of sexual assault are OK?

The Dems forced out Al Franken. The Dems are calling for these sickos to resign. The Dems hold their own to a high standard while the GOP shrugs their shoulders and defends their own. Kavanaugh. Moore. King. The GOP is poisoned to the core.


Right? Remember, during the whole Kavanaugh situation, Rs “whatabouted” Keith Ellison and said LOOK, HE ABUSED A WOMAN, TOO! Yet both Ellison himself, and Democrats encouraged investigation into the situation and encouraged the “evidence” to be released to prove the accusations.

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“sexual assault”? What sex took place…and please be specific?

It’s a safe space, away from the reality of the hardships of life…where outcomes are always equal. :sunglasses:


…and here I am…stuck in the middle with you. :grin:

Must. Defend. GOP. At. All. Costs.

Ask Dr Ford. She made it quite clear the sexual predator that Kavanaugh is. But there’s a R after his name, so he gets a pass.

Only in your mind. :sunglasses:

The GOP loves to scream about the speck in others’ eyes while walking around with giant planks in theirs.

Al Franken has inappropriate pictures? GOP screams he has to go. Kavanaugh accuses of sexual assault - big nothing burger bc it happened 30 years ago.

Northam dressed in blackface forever ago? GOP scalps for him to resign immediately. Steve King is a racist since forever - he’s re-elected over and over.


Yep…it’s the Trump train. All aboard!

That’s right. I wouldn’t have answered the question either because you’d look foolish. Rubbing a girl’s breast through two layers of clothing isn’t even in the same galaxy of sexual predation as forcing a woman to give oral sex. Now…can you admit that?

We could always use the Trump standard. You know, the one where a tape comes out where he openly brags about sexual assault, and it makes no difference. He is not forced to cede the nomination to Pence. In fact, his supporters double down on protecting him.


Al Franken was forced out for less than that.

Agreed and I voiced that was wrong at the time.