The early Biden report card. And it ain't pretty

Here’s the way I see it. This has been nearly 8 months of stunning incompetence. An over achiever of stupidity. Let’s lay out some grades shall we?

  1. Afghanistan. F A disaster so thorough and complete that even most of his media cheerleaders are stunned by how badly he has screwed this up. Only the most rabid, lunatic members of the Biden cult still claim that Joe has done a good job here.

  2. The Border. F Each month we are being swarmed with hundreds of thousands of border crashers, human traffickers, drug dealers, Covid carriers and everything imaginable. This makes the Obama cages look like summer camp. Again. Only the most rabid, lunatic members of the Biden cult still claim that Joe has done a good job here.

  3. Covid. F Many people voted for Joe because they thought he would be a Covid miracle worker. We’re worse off now than we were months ago. He’s going backwards.

  4. Race relations. F What has he done here to improve things? You know the answer. NOTHING. Zero effort.

  5. Inflation. F No explanation necessary. Just go to the grocery store.

  6. Energy dependence. F He just asked OPEC to ramp up production for us. I think they refused.

  7. Transparency. F No sign of it.

  8. Accountability. F None to be seen. Just a whole lot of "BUT TRUMP!!!"

  9. Violence. F The cities are combat zones. And your dumbassed president thinks it’s because of background checks and AR 15’s.

I may have given him some higher grades than he deserved. Most should have been F-. Do you have any more topics you would like to add?


still higher scores than the former guy…


MAGA zealots don’t like Biden, this is my surprised face. :roll_eyes:


Right on cue!!!

This is not a grade of the former guy. He’s moved on. So you agree of my assessment that Biden has been a disaster?


Do you? Based on what? Maybe the border? Is that one of your favorites?

F minus on everything.

Biden’s the president now

He isn’t an embarrasment like your dear-leader. At least Biden had the stones to pull us out of that hell hole.

Only the most rabid, lunatic members of the Biden cult still claim that Joe has done a good job here.



BINGO! You nailed it.

p.s. Only Carter and Obama should be happy about jbiden…because it gets them off the bottom.

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Yup. Trump would get an F minus.

It amazes me that people blame biden while trump sabotage the entire process. Trump practically put time bomb in so many areas. It will take time for them to show up. That’s ok. Just like Obama took us out of the abyss after bush. Biden will do the same.

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It still amazes me that you can’t talk about Biden. Not even for a second. Why do you panic every time someone mentions your buffoon? Are we not allowed to discuss the current President? Why not? What are you afraid of?

Can we please have your permission to discuss Biden?


If the complaints are coming from the most rabid, lunatic Trump worshipers, then they mean absolutely nothing.


You have been holding back. What’s your opinion of how your zombie is doing? Has he made any mistakes yet?

Biden has kept 90% of his promises and has given us a great economic recovery from the failure of the idiot before him…

This has lead to the Biden Bashers gnashing their teeth and screaming at the sky in anger and frustration…


I am shocked that one of the most partisan posters we have found nothing acceptable about Biden’s presidency.



Ya I would wait for breaking out the champagne on Biden’s approval numbers as more and more failures keep stacking up, he isn’t far above the previous guy now and at the pace of failing he is very likely to pass him.

NEW YORK (Reuters) - President Joe Biden’s approval rating dropped by 7 percentage points and hit its lowest level so far as the U.S.-backed Afghan government collapsed over the weekend in an upheaval that sent thousands of civilians and Afghan military allies fleeing for their safety, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll.

The national opinion poll, conducted on Monday, found that 46% of American adults approved of Biden’s performance in office, the lowest recorded in weekly polls that started when Biden took office in January.

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Those honeymoon approval numbers are never returning.


Probably a C here… he did what everyone wanted to have done (including Trump) but seems like he could have done better.

C+ here. His biggest problem is messaging. He is losing that battle. If he can get ahead of messaging he I could upgrade to a B. He is mostly following Trump border policies, including Title 42.

A here. He has not hesitated to provide support the states need and has stood firm on pushing vaccinations (that Trump pushed to develop).

A here. A President can’t necessarily help race relations but he can definitely hurt them. So far he hasn’t done anything to hurt them. Even if they are already bad.

Inconclusive here. We are in a pandemic.

Inconclusive. He hasn’t dont anything to help or hurt energy independence. The keystone pipeline was not there to help us in that regard.

Inconclusive. I don’t know how you truly measure this. I would need examples of him not being transparent. And then what are we measuring against? What is the bar.

A Biden just took full accountability for the Afghan pull out.

Inconclusive. Violence started increasing under Trump. Might be the result of the pandemic and lockdowns. Not sure how you can directly attribute to a President.


There is no reason to think they will at this point the best thing for his presidency might be his party getting slammed at the midterms.

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