The DOJ and FBI buried the Hunter Biden investigation before the 2020 election

The better question is, what is Weiss’s motivation? How long does it take to investigate this and how long has it been? How long have we waited for Durham? If you’re blind to all of this insider political shennanigans…that’s on you but I can see it plainly and it absolutely disgusts me. The balance of justice must be equal for all because it’s part of the very foundation of this country. Not doing that…weakens the entire nation.


When did the public learn about the investigation into the Trump campaign in 2016?

When did the public learn about the reopening of the investigation into Clinton in 2016?

Was that equal?

To not politicize the investigation.

Or… and now hear me out…. Durham doesn’t have anything more than what Horowitz uncovered.

The election ended 6 months ago. The FBI has had the computer since 2019…so just stop with the bull feces. They do not intend to investigate or prosecute squat.

You mean the one where the FBI lawyer illegally changed emails, then used them to illegally obtain FISA warrants and what he received for his blatant crime was a slap on the wrist and the agents involved were never prosecuted, just fired…that investigation. Run along…with your nonsense.

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Or… and now here me out… the soggy laptop is so suspect that a determination of what is real and what is false on it is impossible to discern.

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The actions/inactions since tend prove you wrong.

Maybe…then state that. It isn’t hard but that hasn’t happened has it?

Maybe the case is weak?

You know, emails have both a sender and a recipient and the FBI can get warrants to see if they are real.

No it doesn’t. They didn’t proceed during the election. Time will tell if they ultimately decide to do anything.

The Horowitz report shows that Clinesmith changed an email on the second renewal of the FISA warrant on Carter Page. This happened during the Trump administration and after Comey had been fired.

The determination was that the Initial and first renewal of the FISA warrant was all legal and above board.

Having read the Horowitz report ( did you read it?) I don’t see where Durham is going to find anything that would change that determination.

Also…. Telling someone “now run along” on the internet is pretty ■■■■■■■ stupid.

Yeah…I now.

Then is it possible that the “real” emails have nothing bad about them?

If they did state it… it wouldn’t matter.

You would still complain about the investigation being tainted.

There is only one outcome that you would believe.

17 errors all going one direction according to Horrowitz says very clearly, corruption was involved or it was an astronomical, mathematical improbability of honesty that took place. Now…which is more probable?

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…to you.

17 errors. Sounds terrible.

What was the final outcome on the FISA warrant on Carter Page…. You know the warrant that was obtained after he had left the Trump campaign?

No…. I would believe them.

I have my doubts that you would.