The DNC is a "Big Tent" Party

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Black, white, male, female, other genders, convicted murderers…
Wait, what?

Bad decision even if she’s been rehabilitated.

Born in Jamaica, she was sold to an American couple in New York when she was 7 years old. She was allegedly told by her mother she was going to Disneyland but ended up spending years with an adoptive father who was a pedophile.

Hylton told Fox News on Friday she is innocent of the charges against her.

“As a 19-year-old survivor of human trafficking and sexual violence who was coerced into a horrible situation, I was powerless to stop what happened to him,” she said. “Yet, despite being innocent I was convicted and incarcerated for 27 years. What happened to Mr. Vigliarolo should not ever happen to anyone and I have spent my life since then fighting on the side of truth and justice for myself and countless others caught in the cycle of perpetual violence and victimization.”

Since her release, Hylton has been an outspoken advocate on prison reform, recidivism and gender inequality in America’s jails. She’s spoken at universities and seminars around the country and is frequently a guest expert on the topic.

Interesting, eh?

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It was a stupid decision to have her on in any way shape or form…real stupid.

Not sure I agree yet. Hmmm


In her memoir, A Little Piece of Light (2018), Hylton characterized the first 20 years of her life as “adult hands harming me instead of protecting me.” During early childhood, Donna Patricia Walden lived in her birthplace of Port Antonio, Jamaica, with her mother, a devotee of Obeah, a spiritual practice of the West Indies. Hylton felt that her mother, who may have been bipolar, used her as a “real-life voodoo doll,” and recalled, “It was routine for her to burn me with fire and cut me with a knife.” In June 1972, four months before Hylton’s eighth birthday, her mother exchanged her for “a handful of money” from a childless couple, Roy and Daphne Hylton, who took the girl to live with them in New York City, where she acquired her adoptive surname. Two years later, when she was 9, Donna claims Roy Hylton began to sexually abuse her on a regular basis.During the summer of 1979, at age 14, she was allegedly sexually abused by her math tutor, a married man.

Later that summer, she ran away to Philadelphia with a man who lived in an upstairs apartment with his mother. Ten years older than Hylton, she claimed he raped her in a motel room. “Whatever part of me wasn’t broken,” she recollects, “is broken now.” They remained together in Philadelphia for five months. “Sometimes, after he rapes me, he sits against the wall and orders me to crawl around the apartment on my hands and knees, like a dog. He stands up and urinates on my skin; he pushes the glowing tip of a cigarette against my bare leg.” When he beat her, he said: “I’m a man, and I do what I want.” In January 1980, they returned to New York, where Hylton discovered she was pregnant. Stunned at the news, Hylton claims the man responded, “No wonder you’re pregnant, you’re a whore!” She then claims he knocked her down and raped her. In February 1981, at age 16, Hylton gave birth to a daughter.

In the summer of 1981, Hylton claimed she was abducted by an older man whose previous advances she had rebuffed. She claimed he locked her inside a bedroom closet, after which he was joined by another man. When they pulled her out of the closet, Hylton recognized the second man as a minister at a nearby church. The two men took turns allegedly raping her, then shoved her back in the closet, where she remained for three days. Once released, Hylton reported the crime to the police. She claims one of the responding detectives drove her to an unfamiliar location and raped her.

In 1982, at age 18, Hylton married a 19-year-old rapper. When she learned that she was pregnant again, the rapper and his mother talked her into terminating the pregnancy. Following her abortion, he asked for a divorce.

In 1984, Hylton went to work at a hotel gift shop in Times Square. In January 1985, a recently hired coworker introduced Hylton to the coworker’s godfather, a man named Louis Miranda. In March 1985, Miranda enlisted Hylton in a scheme to recover money he believed had been swindled from him by a business partner.

Very, very sad upbringing.

I wanted to know what her relationship with Louis Miranda, the man who accused Vigliarolo of swindling him out of $139,000 on a con both of them ran. At trial, she claimed she participated in the crime under duress and said Miranda had threatened to kill her then 4-year-old daughter if she didn’t. Regardless if this last bit is true, her life up until that point had to really mess her up.

So this was a pimp and his stable? And the pimp murdered the dude over a debt? Is that what I’m getting out of this?

What a life story…

Good for her for turning her life around. Not sure if putting the convicted murderer on the agenda was the most politically expedient thing to do when the main line of attack from opponents is “soft on crime.”

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A jury heard this and made a decision. All of what she said was available for the penalty phase. Now some are saying its ok, she said it wasn’t her fault, and that she didn’t do it, or that she had reasons; rejecting the jury out of hand.
No, a bad decision.


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She served her sentence.

Isn’t turning your life around kinda the whole point?


Straws, meet grasping digits.

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She served her sentence.

That true for everyone?

Is what true for everyone?

Only registered Republicans who become baby Christians.

isn’t the point of prison to be rehabilitation.

Once they serve their time, all is forgiven? They’re good now?

we shouldn’t be proud of ex-criminal who severed their sentence and turned their lives around.
we should punish them more.

Yes that is the whole point of the Justice System.
she was punished and served her punishment.