The Democrats are After the Middle Class for Higher Taxes, not the Rich

They want to add 93,000 new IRS agents. Let THAT sink in…

They won’t be after the rich, they will be after YOU.

Add to that they want the IRS to monitor every bank account in the US for spending more than $600. That is the Middle Class.

So they LIED again to the people, the workers, the middle class, & to the poor.

Add to that the myriad of new taxes & fees they are about to do, and the inflation of gas prices, groceries, & a huge amount of other things we all use or need.

The burdens they are putting on us all is about to get much worse. MUCH WORSE.


Dealing with a dumb IRS thing right now.

They need more manpower.

Having to wait on the phone for an hour to get to talk to someone and then wait months for the issue to get cleared up because the backlog is so huge because they are understaffed is crazy.


Nice deflection. Magnify the small issue, including deflecting from it, then say nothing to actually address the war on the middle class from democrats taxing them to oblivion & causing high inflation.


It actually isn’t a deflection.

It is a real problem that the IRS is way understaffed.

Has been for a long time now.

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I’m sure the IRS wants 93,000 more employees to help explain things on the phone to people.
When they report their successes to Congress it will doubtless be how much advice they have given out, not how many extra dollars they collected.


It’s about damned time the Middle and Lower classes paid their fair share.



Just imagine with all those additional personnel how much quicker their audits will be.

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It’s not even “explaining” things on the phone… but having the people to go back through the backlog to physically update the records.

Making the IRS a mess hurts us more than it helps us.

Of course democrats think the IRS is understaffed! Gotta’ be sure they make the middle class PAY!

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Exactly! Also just imagine how many more there will be!

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Won’t somebody think about the Government!?


In he mind of a democrat. (You KNOW the REAL reason)

FYI: This thread is about much more than the IRS. It’s about the HUGE burden overall the democrats are laying on the backs of the ordinary people.


No likely.

Audits of the rich have dropped greatly while audits of the poor and middle class have remained steady.

The CBO indicates that much of the under reporting of income is due to the wealthy misreporting income through s-corporations. Biden should certainly know his subject there.

However, the CBO also indicates Biden has way overestimated what this will bring in dollar wise

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I don’t think that the holes in the budget can be plugged by enforcement alone and Biden is waaay overselling the effect this will have.

Here is pretty good article about the gutting of the IRS


It will be used as left army to go after their political opponents.

If repugs pass it/vote for it they deserve to lose power…stupid asses would be cutting their own throats.


I agree they are understaffed on the customer support side. (And then, even if you get an answer, you can’t be sure it’s correct.)

But the hiring effort is to bolster auditing, not customer support.


Of course, one could argue that auditors are there to “help” the taxpayer get his tax return correct. :roll_eyes:

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Auditing is part of the problem with the back log.

So we are going to ignore the elephant in the room on this to bitch about wait time on a phone call?


A massive invasion of privacy in this whole thing, not to mention the amount of work banks are going to have to do to rat out when a customer buys a new TV.

Tax per mile, must show what you spend your money on, etc. boy libs just love themselves a nanny government. Especially one who wants to audit and nit pick because they don’t think their subjects are giving them enough of the money they believe they deserve.

I see Nebraska is telling Biden to skip a rope and won’t comply. Let’s hope that’s a trend