The democratic agenda?

From what I have been able to see, so far this is pretty much it.

  1. Higher taxes

  2. Increased welfare state.

  3. Open borders.

  4. Increased government regulation

  5. Climate change. Penalizing the use of fossil fuels.

  6. Identity politics. Racializing America as much as possible.

  7. Medicare for all. Except of course for politicians and government workers. There is no way in hell that they would actually agree to the same conditions that they force on the peasants. Medicare for all actually means medicare for you.

Wow. What an upbeat positive message. Democrats cannot succeed without constant misery and the politics of punishment. No wonder they are always miserable. Their entire reason for being is misery and hate.

BTW. We already know that Trump hatred is at the top of the agenda. But this thread is a little more complicated than that. It’s about the actual policy that will be implemented should your candidate win.

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All politics is Identity Politics… so you can scratch that one off the list.

The vast majority of Democrats don’t want open borders but we’ve already been over this a million times.


You are probably correct. But your candidates for office do. Otherwise, they would secure the border.

Democrats have repeatedly voted for money to increase security at the border, as you well know.


Dealing with Climate Change is also a real thing.

The GOP, being the only political party in the world will have to come to dealing with the facts at some point.

Sadly it will cost a lot more to mitigate than if we had been working on it for the past 25 years.

If the leaders of the Republican Party cared about the wall so much, why was it not a priority at all until a few weeks before a mid term election? I didn’t see Trump on my television demanding McConnell and Ryan send him wall funding.

No, they only brought it up when Democrats were on the verge of taking power. Why do you believe that is?


I ain’t scratching anything. You just made that up. I have no love for most republicans. But republicans are not the ones who constantly racialize everything. They are not the ones who feel the need to label every opponent as some type of “ist” You guys own this. Embrace it.

Yes, we get it: you believe democrats are bad and Trump is good. Shocking.


Don’t forget seizing all private property. Securing the means of production. Jailing any journalists who oppose us. Confiscation of all weapons. Deployment of the military in all major cities. Flat 90% tax on all income and wealth. Rounding up all conservatives and CEC agitators. That should get us started.


What - nothing about aborting all babies, and then converting them to homosexuality?

Fake news!


This question has been asked over and over again and NOT ONE trump supporter has been able to answer it. I highly doubt you will get one this time.

Then do something about it. Redistribution of wealth and punishing people for using the only viable energy source is horrible idea and does absolutely nothing to solve any problem. Come up with a better plan.

Which candidate said they want an open border?

I do remember seeing Keith Ellison wear a tshirt about it once but anything else?

To take 1 and 2 + 3:

When polled, Americans consistently and overwhelming support 1). taxing the wealthy more and 2). Medicare for all.

Now, you can disagree with those ideas or programs or whatever, but I am not sure how “misery and hate” fits into this, with regard to the rational policy preferences of people.

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Cheering Confederate monuments is racializing.

“Good people on both sides” is racializing considering what one side was advocating.

Peddling a conspiracy theory that the first black president is secretly a Kenyan is racializing.

Propping up overtly racist candidates like Roy Moore is racializing.

Of course Republicans racialize stuff. They have been doing it for decades.

Heck Reagan weaponized it with the talk of black welfare queens when poor white people take much more money from welfare.

All politics is Identity Politics. Just look at who the GOP is playing to.

It isn’t right or wrong… it just is.

This question has been asked over and over again and NOT ONE trump supporter has been able to answer it. I highly doubt you will get one this time.

Nothing is going to get done about it.

You guys won.

You won’t have to pay.

You should be happy.

No question about it! If they had their choice, FOX news would be shut down. Only sources that are that are allied with the DNC would be allowed. Zero tolerance for alternative view points.