The delay of the 20 dollar bill

Then Trump wonders why people call his adiminstration a bunch of bigots. There is no reason to delay this at all. I swear how can people be this loyal to this guy. The Divider in Chief

lol @ paper money.

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Yeah… taking Jackson off of our money wouldn’t be the worst thing to happen.

He wouldn’t want to be on it anyway.


Oh brother.

So the $20 bill won’t be redisigned for a number of years booo hoooo

Comn Snow we all know the reason. Tubman is an Obama idea. badddddddd.

everyone knows it.

Hell even my one year old nephew knows Trump hates anything Obama.



The optics created speak for themselves with these types of actions. Do i lose sleep over it? Nope but many put another check in that bigot box for YES… Simple human nature


Really you want to boohoo but was on the tan suit, Dijon mustard and umbrella-gate train a few short years ago… Yeah a black hero has to wait for the bigot is out of the white house doesn’t concern you?


I’m not surprised… I didn’t expect this admin to follow through with this anyway. The base would start boycotting the use of the new $20 bills anyway


So why didn’t Obama take care of this?

$20 says Trump reverses this in the next few days to try to look like a hero. Then Mnuchin will say “Hey, I was wanting to move forward with this, but Trump told me not to.”

"One wild card is that Mr. Lew and President Obama have just months left in office. But Mr. Lew expressed confidence that his successors would not veto the currency makeovers.

“I don’t think somebody’s going to probably want to do that — to take the image of Harriet Tubman off of our money? To take the image of the suffragists off?” he said."

didnt realize the new president would be vindictive but he is and we have to deal with it.



There. THAT ^^

The most common thing our government seems to do is punt issues to the next guy.

They didn’t realize contemporaneously that the cruelty is the point.


Someone will be along shortly to educate you on shy is is technically not racismX

I was too late in his presidency for the makeover.


I didn’t know you were in his presidency. :slight_smile:

All kidding aside …

The way is went down was this: “We decided x-thing should be done. And somebody else will do it for us…”

Seems to me that the decision to do something should include doing it, or, at a minimum, launching the effort and mechanism to do it.

The 2016 announcement (which was actually reported as a proposal) just declared that it would be done. No timeline. No committee. No roadmap.

So now we hear that it’s not happening for a while. … Shrug …

(For the record, when this went down in 2016, I suggested that we should have a new denomination rather than revamp an existing one.)

We know Trump and his people couldn’t stand for a negro to be on a domination of money

Not a chance in hell. Especially not a black woman! Double whammy

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They are so bad at optics. So very bad. We see you.

So why doesn’t Trump take care of it?