The cure for white supremacy

The earliest memories I have of the atrocities that radical white supremacists commit are from pictures. They were in a book in the “special reading room” of my high school library… not on the open shelves. Yes the pictures of a mound of human bodies at a ww2 concentration camp.

How could such things be perpetrated by people in the same century? I believe it’s because people were not aware. Oh yes… a few were. But by and large they were not.

So now we have white supremacists in the US raising their heads. We have names and faces. We know who they are. Let’s post pictures of the atrocities that THESE people -these names and faces - have actually done to others.

I think this will go a long way towards public awareness of the danger.

This probably seemed like a good idea before you posted it.

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I thought you were going to say Trump.

You suggest a reactive versus a proactive approach? I mean we all know what you’re trying to do here, but that is a legitimate question.

“THESE people” means what? The Nazis and KKK from the 20th century?

Yes, shouldn’t be much of a problem, considering there’s like 12 of them that meet in a garage…lol. In fact I bet Charleston was initiated by Russian bots…

As someone who makes most of his money gambling, I can assure you that you’ll be broke in a week if you were to take it up.

Why it turned out the vagina hat protest was…

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I specified that. you should read.

the names of people, for example, orchestrating white supremacists rallies.

These are the people we fear… right? Let’s show the world the horrible things they do to people.

please stop trolling me.

I understand you seem obsessed with me but maybe you can go find some other poster to stalk.

I am a little confused. Only atrocities right? Can’t be that the ideology is evil amiright?

Is espousing white supremacy not horrible enough? Or do you want actual atrocities committed before we worry about the neo-Nazis?

I don’t subscribe to the concept of “thought crime” .

I’ve asked this question before but it is like a crucifix to a vampire.

White Supremacy means different things to different people. What do the white supremacists who are organizing a rally in DC want?

I’m not much for name calling unless we can define what the name means. I mean… I could cite racial atrocities performed by “Democrats” in the past too. But supposedly the word “Democrat” is nothing to be feared by black people today. What do these “White Supremacists” want?

And you do subscribe to the concept of “white civil rights.”

Dude I get you’re obsessed with me but leave me alone, okay? It’s getting creepy.

Its 2018 and here we have a tread trying to legitimize white supremacy. Trump’s America indeed.

You should’ve taken my invitation to disengage when you had the chance.

He thinks he’s being clever.

So, just ignore the ideology of committing genocide, racism, lynchings etc?