The cry in Hollywood: Where is John Wilkes Booth when we need him?

Broadway legend Carole Cook implied she wants to see President Trump get assassinated, asking “Where’s John Wilkes Booth when you need him?" when [approached by a TMZ cameraman] in Los Angeles on Sunday night.

It is not terribly surprising that liberals would be nostalgic for assassin John Wilkes Booth. As are many modern liberals, Booth was part of the Democrat resistance to a lawfully elected Republican president who won in the electoral college with a minority of the popular vote.

The state of Maryland has been dominated by the Democratic Party continuously for almost 200 years. The state song, Maryland My Maryland, dates from the Civil War. It glorifies riots in Baltimore and encourages violent resistance to federal authority.

Sound familiar?

Any chance of that the Antifa will take it up at one of their “protests”?

For reference here is an abbreviated version of Maryland, My Maryland that includes lyrics:

The comments were in Hollywood / Los Angeles. Read again.

Hopefully what she said will be an invite for the secret service to see her

Who the ■■■■ is Carole Cook?


Why am I supposed to be upset? Who the heck is Carole Cooke?

because she doesn’t like Trump.

Has anyone figured out what Maryland has to do with this?

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They’re too worried about some kid in Nashville making an “OK” sign to be concerned that it is now acceptable in Hollywood eliteville to threaten assassination.


Democrats support political assassination now?

Putin and them got lot in common.

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There has to be a viable threat, not just idle words, for the Secret Service to get involved.

A theater in New York City put a version of a Trump-like Julius Caesar who is assassinated in the play soon after the election… That is within their rights but is also within the rights of sponsors to withdraw funding, which is what happened.

No really…

Who the ■■■■ is Carole Cook?

That’s right I remember that.

Maryland shows the continuity of the violent resistance from Democrats to election results that they don’t want to accept. 2016 or 1860, the result has been violent resistance to the results of free and fair elections.

Perhaps they should change their name to the “undemocratic” Party.

This is not how we remove presidents if that’s what she wants…i hope the secret service sends a wave of agents to continually question her for days regarding her intent!

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Yeah this stuff isnt needed from either side…it doesnt solve anything…

Hey look at you defending racists again…neat

Sounds fascinating.

She could spend some time in jail and I’d be ok with that.

For what?..

Yeah, that 15 year old is a real threat. Look at you supporitng the bigots attacking children without any basis.