The cruelty is the point

I ran across this great article in the Atlantic by Adam Serwer and it articulates what I believe is the greatest threat from this era of Trump.

As a nation, we can not allow those who take pleasure in cruelty to create an atmosphere where cruelty is the norm.


Here we go!

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This article is a load of BS at the level of insanity! It’s written to put fear, anger and incite one side against the other and that is what is cruel! Those suffering TDS are hell bent on driving every one as crazy as they are and destroying our civil society and Country.


I could care less what far left mother jones nutter author Adam Sewer has to say.

I know right? We are some incredibly bad people. Remember we are supposed to be fascists right?

BTW. I didn’t even read the article. Why would I need A third party to explain myself to me?

Republicans have sold out completely. There is no turning back for them. This is what they wanted. They wanted a bully who would punish their perceived enemies. Then they whine and cry about how divided the country is and how it’s the Democrat’s fault. The cesspool they have created is befitting of them. They have abandoned their morality. Their intellectual integrity. All for what? A loud mouthed ■■■■■■■ who calls his enemies names? This is who you are, Republicans. Don’t be shy. Stop blaming other people. Stand up and be proud. Admit that this is exactly what you want. The rest of us already know its true. So come out of the closet and just embrace it.


So enforcing immigration laws passed by both parties in Congress is the equivalent of some white person grinning at a lynching in 1930.
These people are nuts.


Actually, they are. The loss to Trump in 2016 is more than they could take. Many of these libs have been driven insane by it. We have some here.


Absolutely are. It’s ironic the people on here who spew hate and vitriol at the level some of the TDS sufferers do.

At that point, why stop at Mao and Lenin?

“You sound like Hitler! And Darth Vader! And Magneto! And Megatron! And Gargamel you monster.

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Have you seen any of Donald’s campaign rallies?


The Trump budget eviscerates money for Rural Development.

They literally voted against their own interests.


Nonsense. If you make a comparison to a lynching you do that for a reason instead of using spanking a child as an example of cruelty.

Again, I am unsurprised that the point is lost on you here. The comparison was not to the act of lynching. That is your strawman and the fault in your logic.

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Why would I chose to be friends with someone that is mean and nasty? They add nothing positive to my life.

You should be concerned of the number of conservatives that are being driven insane by the insanity.

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And democrats a just perfect little angels. Beyond reproach.

Remember the Ebola scare? Bringing the doctor back here to US for care?

Right-wing radio yelled for days “Obama!!! What has he done? One Ebola case will turn into 2, then 4 then 8, then 16, until there are thousands stricken with Ebola. Its ALL Obama’s fault when this massive outbreak happens!!!”

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I’d forgotten about the Barack Ebola threads. Those were hilarious!!